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    Opposition Instructions

    So at the start of a match I always look at my Assistants feedback; He always says to close down 2 players show 2 players onto their weaker foot and put hard tackles on 2 players as soon at the game starts, he then recommends I do the same for 2 other players, as soon as I've done that and...
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    Moving games between Laptops

    Hey guys, Just bought a new laptop, have installed FM 09 but was wondering if I can bring my saved games from my old laptop onto my new one? Keastie
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    Tv View as Default

    Hey guys, Is it possible to change the default game view so that it doesnt always open up in TV View?
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    Best Affordable Coaches

    Am looking to bulster my Coaching staff, any good recommendations?
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    Premiership Argyle Tactics/Training Needed

    Hi Guys, My Argyle team seems to be a Collander for Opponents goals, Middlesborough just beat me 4-0, which says a lot! Can anyone help me out with some training and tactics? Happy to change from a 4-4-2 if needs be! Heres my squad/staff with training plan Here are my...
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    Players needed to keep me up!

    Hi guys, Just got Argyle promoted to the Premiership, and after some decent players to help me stay up! Have got a 4 Million budget. Head scout is saying I need to strengthen my Midfield, but any players you think would be a bargain I'm happy to have a look at. I've got the Mid-Sized database...