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    Wolves - Back In the Premiership - YouTube Series

    I have always enjoying making stories but prefer making these as videos and uploading them onto YouTube. I would like to class my videos as the elevator music genre of videos. Its easy to listen to and to have on in the background. I will be honest, I wont be posting anything on this thread...
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    Testing the water - Its been a while

    Hi Everyone, Its been about 3/4 years since i really got into Fm and back in Fm12 i was really active here and posted a number of really successful tactics. I think one even made it into those testing leagues and finished 2nd. Would anyone be interested in a tactic i have been working on...
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    Arsenal - No Transfer YouTube Story - Making the most of Youth

    Arsenal - No Transfer Chellenge - Making the most of Youth Hello all and firstly thanks for clicking and showing some interest in the save I’m going to be carrying out. It’s titled the No Transfer Challenge and it’s quite simple really. How easy can it be to be constantly competitive in the...
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    Preston up against her - My take on a Preston story

    Hello you handsome bunch of FM lovers, today I bring to you my little story about a wee team called Preston North End – Who used to be a cricket team you know, Now before I get started I want to let everyone know writing is not my strongest attribute so I apologies if this is not to your liking...
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    Red Devils Days of Future Past ( YouTube Series )

    Football Manager 2014 - Red Devils Rebuild Episode 1 - YouTube As the Summer of 2012 came to an end it would be the end of an era with Sir Alex leaving, his personal choice to take over was David Moyes but the book makers had thought otherwise with David Moyes and Ross Scotsman being the 2...
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    Wolves back to the top YouTube lets play series.

    Hi guys Not sure if this would be against the rules but im doing a Lets play with videos on YouTube with Wolves using the new LFC marshalls update and im looking for any keen followers interested in coming along and giving it a watch. I post Daily and have just got all my hardware and software...
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    Wolves back to the top LFCMarshalls update

    Hi guys Not sure if this would be against the rules but im doing a Lets play with videos on YouTube with Wolves using the new LFC marshalls update and im looking for any keen followers interested in coming along and giving it a watch. I post Daily and have just got all my hardware and software...
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    I need some Ideas for a new Game in FM

    Hello Im doing a network with my mate, We just cant get into Fm13. After trying out a couple of different teams and league we still cant get interested in it. Im looking for some challenge ideas or something i could do in the Edit program to make the game more fun for both of us. Any ideas ?
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    Attribute masking in Classic mode

    Hello all Just got fm 13 and id like to try out the classic mode as it would suit my play more, I cant seem to find the option to remove attribute masking. Where is the option if there is one ?
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    PDF Download Button thats Under most of the Addons for FM

    Just to Bring it to your attention that i had a mate call me last night ( Not so great with Compters who thought that the Green Download Button was an actual Download for his FM Kits ) , Turns out he was redirected to a site where he somhow downloaded WIN.7.ANTIVIRUS 2013 This is infact a...
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    Tiki Scotia - 433 Formation Key passing at it's Finest

    TIKI SCOTIA Hello all, what I’ve created I believe to be is a fantastic take on a passing Style of play. This is not a Tiki Taka Style 800 passer per game; I don’t think it’s very fun to watch 800 passes per game and only 5 Key passes, that’s just anti football in my opinion. It’s effective...
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    A little somthing somthing ive been working on recently

    Looking round the site, the Hype seems to be all about match Exploits rather then Actual real life football, SO yeah ive been looking into developing my take on a Barce, Swansea and Arsenal Style of play with some Strange results and Insane Pre season results with Barcelona with over 80% of the...
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    My Beast players from Reading save 2014

    Request Thread to be Removed please The Strange mob has spoken, These players are in actual fact **** apparently.
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    Pure Counter Attack

    About to test something abit diffrent and i wanted a quick answer. Whn you play with Downloaded tactics they are all fairly similer, they all Spout great resutls, every single well worked tactic does, But have you noticed the Specific tactics that see your team perform so great that you See...
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    Double Takeover in one Season

    As my title said, Im reading, In my 3rd season sitting good in the table, I get a board takover from some Russian buisnesmen. they invest 23m into my bank and 2 months later i get the message, Consortium of buisnessmen again are looking to take the club over. have this happend to anyone else...
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    Classic tactic - Shouts

    AS the title says ive just made myself a Classic tactic and i had the option to use the Shout by making 1. I have noticed my team doing what i ask via the shout. My question is. On Classic Tactics Do the Shouts Work or is this me looking for reasons that it is. Cheers.
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    Attack! Attack! - Breaking point ( 210 goals 33 against In 64 games Flat 442 )

    Attack! Attack! - breaking Point By Scotsman Aka Ross Background Well it’s been a while since my last tactic, this is the Latest Version of Attack! Attack! which is now 1 of Fm-Base most popular with regards to views. This Tactic Consists of a Strong attack supported with a very...
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    Image Error when Uploading to Fm-Base

    Hi guys just wondering whats happening here. im getting this error message when im uploading images for my new tactic. Not changed anything in regards to How i do the upload just the same as its always been 500 [IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text=...
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    When Raikan007 and OoScotsmanoO Got Together - Short and Sweaty 4-4-2

    Well Good evening Football managers Its been a good while since i last uploaded Attack Attack which many of you know. I wanted to move in a diffrent Direction. Think of a Singer Song writer making a cover of a world Famous Hit. Well thats what ive done with Raikan007 Tactic Short and sweet...
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    Liverpool Tactic

    For those of you that have asked. Im going to plow on and make a Liverpool tactic. My Attack! Attack! has been a good hit for myself, but i want to make a tactic Didicated to liverpool Without the use of transfers. Anyone who has Any advice, it would be appriciated :) hopefully once im done...