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    All out attack

    Does anyone have any tips/tactic that helps if you're losing in the last ten mins and need a goal? I've put take more risks and overload etc. But still struggle.
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    Best Tactic on 16.3

    What is the best tactic on 16.3 In your opinion and which version? TFF Sunfire Tweak? Conqueror? CE Twister? TK 4-3-3? Deadly Circle? Midsomer Counter? Or another? Interested to canvass opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Who should I sign? AMC

    I've got the possibility of signing Adryan, Berisha or Paredes. Don't know who would be the best from those 3.
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    Sunderland 1st season

    Starting on 13.3 patch. Scouting a few Scandinavian players. Any gems I'm missing out there for my Sunderland team or positions they need strengthening? Seems dmc isn't the strongest. In trying for Anderson on loan too.