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    Useless but interesting facts

    The cat has 32 muscles in each ear. • An aligator will live nine days without its head, that is, until they die of starvation. • coin has 118 notches on the edge. • Dragonfly lives longer than 24 hours. • pigs ****** lasts 30 minutes. • A shark is the only fish that can blink with both...
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    The most beautiful stadium in the world is..?

    All is in the Title.. my vote goes to Maracana!
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    PES 2011 master leagaue problem.. :s

    Please if anyone knows where is problem, help. When I start Master League with some club, suddenly my game "crash" and then it appears my desktop and game is out :( (don't know if I explain well) may be a reason that I have 512 RAM and minimum for PES is 1GB.. in PES 2010 I can play Master...
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    Which areas I need to improve?

    First season with Spurs is very's not over yet, but I'm 7th for now and it's only 9 games till the end of season..I must fight for fifth place then.. I started looking who to buy for next season and I want to help me mates.. My first team is: GK - Gomes DR - Vedran Corluka DL -...
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    How our life would look without Facebook?

    yep, facebook,facebook,facebook.... all of us is probably almost all day on face, "just to see what's new" ;) Can you imagine your life without going on Face? When you will deactivate your Face? I must going on Face every day because of inbox and my lovely girl, thanks Mark Zuckerberg :wub:
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    Tandem Torres/Drogba vs Suarez/Carroll

    Which tandem will be more dangerous? (it's not just for game Chelsea-Liverpool) What tandem have better chances to score more goals?
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    Review of transfers in Premiership

    Look and comment transfers in the winter transfer period. Who is the best signing? Which signing will most affect on winning the title? (if there will be new signing today, I will edit later) ARSENAL - none ASTON VILLA - Kyle Walker (loan), Jean Makoun (6mil.), Darren Bent (24mil.) BIRMIGHAM -...
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    Discussion: Where will Niko Kranjcar go?

    it's obviously that he will leave Spurs and main question is - where? I still don't understand why he doesn't get any chance to prove his talent. Yes, VDV and Bale are first choice, but when some of these are injured, he is still on the bench! To be worse, Spurs bought another midfielder -...
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    Why England isn't good in sports like: ?

    Why England isn't good in very well known sports in the world like: - basketball - handball - waterpolo ... this are first sports who can I remember now. I never saw England on either European Championship or World.. Why? You have conditions for these sports, but obviously many of peoples not...
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    Steven Pieenar in Tottenham..

    great signing there! I can't believe that someone not post this yet What are you think of him and his career in Spurs?
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    The strongest National League in the World 2010

    Statistic from IFHHS:
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    Upload a picture of yourself

    Let's every of us put here one picture of yourself, to see how many (H) have in this forum and to see who you really are behind avatars. Also, please don't spam to much This is Marko8:
  13. M hot 100 - young stars

    100 youngsters who will prove their talent in 2011. Take a look.
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    Player of the year of each country

    In some countries there is a voting for the best player of this year. Some results are official, and some are not over yet. I will now post a list of nations and players who I think that deserves to be Player Of The Year. Share your votes. Spain - Andres Iniesta Portugal - Cristiano Ronaldo...
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    Ivan Perisic (Club Brugge) - another Croatian find

    Name: Ivan Perisic Club: Club Brugge D.O.B: 02/02/1989 Nationality: Croatian Position: MC/AMC Strengths: Crossing, Dribbling, Heading, Passing, Off The Ball, Flair, Natural Fitness Weaknesses: Long Throws, Tackling, Agression, Determination,
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    Funniest football moments 2010 - just look and enjoy!

    Funniest football moments in this year: that was my best 30 minutes in life :) YouTube - Comedy Football 2010 - (part 1/2) - Funny, humor, bloopers and bizarre football (PART 2)
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    Andrea Ranocchia sign for Inter

    The popular player here in Football Manager - Andrea Ranocchia complete his transfer from Genoa to Inter. This is first signing of new manager Leonardo.
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    Dinamo Zagreb Guide - Marko8

    Hello dear friends! After several excellent guides (aston villa, tottenham, manchester ..) I decided to make Dinamo guide! Perhaps some think that it is completely useless, but I'm doing this just because that after people see this, they might become interested and start playing with it...
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    David Goodwillie - promising poacher

    Name: David Goodwillie Club: Dundee Utd D.O.B: 28/03/1989 Nationality: Scottish Position: Striker Strengths: Dribbling, Finishing, Determination, Work Rate, Stamina, Strength.. Weaknesses: Corners, Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Team Work, Jumping I think...
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    Chelsea sign Nathan Ake - 15 years old player from Feyenoord

    I search and there's not any news in The Sun, Daily Mail, all newspapers around here write about this! If this true, is it good to "stole" player at this young age from other clubs? He's not played one game for senior squad of Feyenoord, and now he is in Chelsea...