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    New Stadia

    There is something I'm not sure about because I have never taken much notice - when you move stadium does your corporate/training/youth facilities ect. remain at the level they where at your old stadium, or do they change because you now have 'new' facilities? I ask because I want to build a...
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    Sami El-Nounou - LLM Striker

    Name: Sami El-Nounou Club: Free Agent D.O.B: 31.5.1979 Nationality: German/Palestinian Position: ST Strengths: Finishing Off the ball Bravery Balance Strength Weaknesses: Acceleration Pace Agility Description: Experienced Striker Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles: Target Man -...
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    The 10 commandments of PC games

    Picture this for a second: you just unpacked the latest PlayBox 720-X blockbuster game, Gran Gears of Duty Fantasy XVIII. It's a game so juicy and dreamy that it'll send you flying into all the colors of the rainbow, twitching and jerking with pleasure-induced spasms just from looking at the...
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    Portal 2
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    FM-Base Light Skin

    As many people have found that the new skin for FM-base is quite distracting, due to the heavily contrasting colours, I have decided to make an alternative. I am using an add-on called Stylish for Firefox to do this. At the moment I am in the very early stages of development, but basically the...
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    Ajax’s board of directors resign

    Ajax's board of directors have announced their resignation over a disagreement with Johan Cruyff over how the club should be run. Source Wow... oO) Thoughts? IMO it is a step in the right direction for Ajax. For too long now they have been selling off their best players. They will never be...
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    Hamdan Al-Kamali - Al-Wahda

    Name: Hamdan Al-Kamali Club: Al-Wahda D.O.B: 2.5.1989 Nationality: Qatari Position: DC/SW Strengths: Marking, Heading, Tackling, Determination, Decisions Weaknesses: Not too many for a DC Description: Center-back Personality: Determined Suggested Roles: 1. Central Defender - Defend 2...
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    Khalfan Ibrahim - Al-Sadd

    Name: Khalfan Ibrahim Club: Al-Sadd D.O.B: 18.2.1988 Nationality: Qatari Position: AMR/MR, ST Strengths: Dribbling, Acceleration, Pace, Flair, Determination Weaknesses: Heading, Balance, Jumping, Strength, Teamwork Description: Winger Personality: Resolute Suggested Roles: 1. Winger - Attack...
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    Mate Dugandzic - Melbourne Victory

    Name: Mate Dugandzic Club: Melbourne Victory D.O.B: 22/10/1989 Nationality: Australian/Croatian Position: Striker Strengths: Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Work Rate, Agility Weaknesses: Anticipation, First Touch, Technique Description: Striker Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Poacher...
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    Terry Antonis - Sydney FC

    Name: Terry Antonis Club: Sydney FC D.O.B: 26/11/1993 Nationality: Australian/Greek Position: AMC/MC Strengths: Technique, Dribbling, Passing, First touch Weaknesses: Finishing, Anticipation, Decisions, Strength Description: Young Midfielder Personality: Fairly Ambitious Suggested Roles...
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    Robbie Kruse - Melbourne Victory

    Name: Robbie Kruse Club: Melbourne Victory D.O.B: 5/10/1988 Nationality: Australian Position: Striker Strengths: Acceleration, Pace, Dribbling, Finishing, Long shots Weaknesses: Determination, Work Rate, Heading Description: Striker Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Poacher CA/PA:
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    FC Bayern München Vs Borussia Dortmund 26/2 17:30

    FC Bayern München (3rd) Vs Borussia Dortmund (1st) Venue: Allianz Arena Time and Date: 17:30 (GMT), 26/02/2011 Previous Meetings: Borussia Dortmund 2 - 0 Bayern München (3/10/2010) Bayern München 3 - 1 Borussia Dortmund (13/2/2010) Borussia Dortmund 1 - 5 Bayern München (12/9/2009)...
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    Dragon Age II

    YouTube - Dragon Age 2 Trailer - Destiny Extended YouTube - Dragon Age 2: Rise to Power Trailer YouTube - Dragon Age 2 Video Preview System Requirements Demo download links Bioware official site - PC (English, German, French) Anyone looking forward too it? :D I have...
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    WIP Logo Style

    I have just put a poll up. Which mix of styles do you think will look the best? I have only done these two styles for reference, but you can imagine the other two possibilities (Four round edges with club colours/two round edges with country flag). Four curved edges with country flags Two...
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    Deniz Naki - St. Pauli

    Name: Deniz Naki Club: St. Pauli D.O.B: 9/7/1989 Nationality: German/Turkish Position: ST / AM(RC) Strengths: Acceleration, Agility, Flair, Dribbling, Technique Weaknesses: Teamwork, Concentration, Decisions, Determination, Strength Description: Striker (Labelled the next Rudi Völler)...
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    Timo Gebhart - Stuttgart

    Name: Timo Gebhart Club: Stuttgart D.O.B: 12/4/1989 Nationality: German Position: AMC / M/AM(RL) Strengths: Acceleration, Agility, Dribbling, Technique Weaknesses: Creativity, Decisions, Heading, Anticipation Description: Midfielder Personality: Ambitious Suggested Roles: Attacking Mid - Attack
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    Tobias Sippel - Kaiserslautern

    Name: Tobias Sippel Club: Kaiserslautern D.O.B: 22/3/1988 Nationality: German Position: Goalkeeper Agent: Willi Walther Strengths: Reflexes, Kicking, One on Ones, Communication Weaknesses: Aerial ability, Decisions, Acceleration, Pace Description: Goalkeeper Personality: Fairly Loyal...
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    Mike Hanke - Bargain Target Man

    Name: Mike Hanke Club: Hannover 96 D.O.B: 15/11/1983 Nationality: German Position: Striker Agent: Pascal Kaiser Strengths: Heading, Strength, Jumping, Anticipation, Finishing, Teamwork Weaknesses: First Touch, Creativity, Passing, Acceleration, Agility Description: Striker Personality...
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    Helder - Cheap Target Man

    Name: Helder Justino Pelembe Club: Portimonense D.O.B: 20/9/1987 Nationality: Mozambican Position: Striker Agent: Laurindro Sitoe Strengths: Strength, Teamwork, Work Rate, Jumping, Balance Weaknesses: Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Bravery Description: Enthusiastic Striker Personality...
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    Tharros's Kit Request Thread

    I have just finished the last of my uni exams, so I have a fair bit of free time now - so since every man and his dog are making kit request threads, I decided to get in on the action :P Examples of my work: Rules: 1. You must have at least 50 post or be a premium member to request. 2. Use...