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    To many long shots - HELP

    Hi I need a little help. Im trying to create my own tactic,doing well but was playing with Tottenham vs Cardiff and i had 34 shots on goal,and 25 long shots. How can i stop my players making so many long shots. I have already marked "Shoot less often" on all players. I have a diamond tactic...
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    What a month!!

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    Is this the BIG injury patch ? Anyone else having a simular proplem ?
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    Stadium Pictures, please help me

    How do i put the stadium pictures in ?
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    My Liverpool-Warrior kits

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    Cut out faces---please help me

    hi everyone In my game there are already cut out faces in the game,but i dont want to use them,i want to use my own 300x300 facepack. HOW CAN I DELETE THESE CUTOUT FACEPACKS ???????
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    Kits to work...please help

    Ok my kits dont work when im playing a game,I only see logos like it was in FM09 :( How can I get the kits to work ??????