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    Mats Hummels

    the best top scorrer DC ever Mats Hummels...........
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    Maltese League

    Maltese League for FM11?
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    Iker Muniain

    wth dou you think Iker Muniain
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    Good pace defenders

    i nide a good pace defender and ceap
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    What tactic dou you think i nide with AC Milan

    What tactic dou you think i nide with AC Milan thes the are the transfers IN- paulo henrique AM, diego renan DLR , fabio GK. lukaku F. dennis aogo DL. Out- dida. luca antonini. jankulovski. AND THES ISE THE OLD SQUAD . Alessandro Nesta. Thiago Silva.Gianluca Zambrotta.Kakha Kaladze5DFOguchi...
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    Paulo Henrique of santos

    what do you think about Paulo Henrique of santos
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    New season with AC MILAN

    New season with AC MILAN, hu i kan buy and hu i seal plsss help ppl
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    Network Game at 3.00pm

    Network Game at 3.00pm
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    New Network Game 1 on 1

    Hi im about to host my first network game if anyone wants to join
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    plsss help

    I khant instal the update khan some one help plss in may football manager file i dont have the data editor file plsss help
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    Maltese League

    hu tride the Maltese League challenge, ise a great ligue. ime playing with valletta fc ise hard buth ise a greath challenge and in 5 or 8 years in the groups o the champions ligue. camon city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
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    TORINO challenge

    Im with torino in seria B in crist22 update. and i need a (GOOD AND CHEAP PLAYERS) CB - CM... plsss help
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    Hu ise the best MALTESE Rock band

    Hu ise the best MALTESE Rock band.. WINTER MOODS--> YouTube- Winter Moods - Marigold - Official Music Video ... AIRPORT IMPRESSIONS--> YouTube- Airport Impressions - Borderline SCREAM DAISY------->YouTube- Scream Daisy - Pretty...
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    Can Anyone Help Me Get This Faces Please...

    Daniel Aquino--Murcia plssssss
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    Man citiy VS Man united

    Greyt game from may city team in FM09.. DOU YOU THINK THES RESALT CHAN BE TROU IN THES SEASON
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    Fabio Monzon Best LB

    What dou you think of fabio monzon in may game ise one ofe the best LB
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    Weird Contarct Request

    I tried to sign JAVI MARTINEZ From Atlhetic Bilbao and his agent indicate that his client will requier a 4year contract with around (£140 per week) JAVI MARTINEZ Currently has 6 year contract worth (£10,750 per week) at athletico.... isnt a good deal?? :) what do you think
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    new league's in FM10

    what are the new leagues you can play in football manager 2010
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    Can i create the Maltese League

    Hey i want to play in the Maltese league because i live there. The Maltese league is not playable sooo is there a way to create it ? plssssssssssssssss Thanks
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    Juventus facepack wont show, Help!!

    Ive got the Juvetus facepack and installed it in the game but it doesnt show in the game, theres just the juve badge and not even a shadow of the player. Every other team facepack works fine just not Juve for some reason....can anyone help with this. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->