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    Regens not interested in starting contract negotiations (patch 14.2)

    Ever since the 14.2 patch regens dont want to start contract negotiations when trying to sign them on the countries intake date. Its already hard getting regen but this is ridiculous. Im Bayern in 2016 and is easily the most reputable club in the world have won the CL once and the cup and league...
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    Cant find a feeder club for merchendising?

    Im playing as Bayern and have in 3 season tried to find a feeder club that can increase merchendising and getting more money, but everytime the board just comes back with that they couldnt find a soutable club. It work when I tried the option for securing youth from good youth systems (got celtic).
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    Player Attributs keep dropping

    Im managing Bayern in the 3rd season and after the first season where everyone improved very well in training, but the whole 2nd and 3rd season have just been warning players about there training levels, every other month they decrease, I warn them and they often pull themself together for the...
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    Bayern, not enough rep?

    Im trying to unsettle Cavani and Neymar to come and sign for bayern, but everytime I just get that they got no intrest in signing for Bayern, while Arsenal says the same thing and Cavani say it would be a dream come true. That has to come down to Bayern not being as reputable as Arsenal, which...
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    How to get the best out of Falcao?

    Im using him as AF as target man with lots of creating freedom in my bayern side but he aint performing like he should. Tips?
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    Replacement for Ribery second season

    So Ribery's performances is dropping and Im looking towards an replacement. My first option was Neymar but he got snapped up by Man U for 40 mil which I wasnt prepared to pay. I have 30-40 mil in the bank and Im looking at El Shaarawy to replace him. Is there any other good young AML? I would...
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    Neymar or Falcao for replacements

    So Im in the beginning of the 2nd season with Bayern. Last season Ribery didnt perfom for the second part of the season and is getting old. And Gomez didnt really impress at all. So Im considering buying Falcao and Neymar to replace them, I might get them both for around 50 mil £ but Im not sure...
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    How to avoid complacency ?

    As I like to play with big teams the number one thing Im always fighting against is complancy. Do anyone have some tips for avoiding it?
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    Ever won 9-0? Well GOML

    Well no words needed. (No edits in CA/PA have been done other than using LFC:s Transfer update) Robben have been mad. TRIPLE!!!! Hattrick!!! (Ignore thumbnails)
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    Young RB/LB Backup for Bayern

    I need a young wonderkid that can play both RB and LB for my Bayern side as Im selling Contento and Rafinha. Budget is around 10 mil but dont want to spend it all.
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    Josip Radosevic vs Jadson

    I need a backup DM and after looking around these seems the most suiting. They will play in DM Defend in a 41221 in my Liverpool side. I can only get one and with the 2012-2013 januari window coming up i need to decide quick. Both will cost around 4-5 mil. Which one turns into the best DM...
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    Tips on getting a workpermit

    Im trying to sign Josip Radosevic for my Liverpool side. He would fit in perfectly as a rotation for Leiva, but I cant get a workpermit for him, Ive reloaded loads of times but it get rejected every time, even on appeal. Do anyone have any tips for getting a player a workpermit?
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    Super Man U 424 tactic

    With all these roumors about Ronnie going back to Man U and maybe Baines and Walcott too I made a transfered them over just to see how good they would be. Though Nani and De Gea left for Real as part of the transfer roumer. I never liked Nani and bought Ter Stegen to replace De Gea. Now I need a...
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    4231 for Dortmund

    Im using this formation right now I wanted to use Reus as an IF and still get the best out of Blaszskowski, but Im not scoring any goals with +60% and over 20 shots a game, Im not creating any CCC. Is there any tactic that effective but still can get the best out of players? Ive looked for a...
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    Cheap young ball winning midfielder

    Need a young cheap ball winning midfielder for backup for my dortmund side but still has the potential to step up when Kehl gets too old. Prefferbly under 10 mil. Im in my 1st season
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    A formation for Tottemham?

    Ive brought Cavani in and looking at Willams, Romario, Belhanda, Fierro and Leitner too I would like to get the best out of my wide midfielders and a lone striker formation.
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    Tottenham 1st season 36 mil

    I just started out with Tottenham Im looking for a STR which is my maine target, he needs to be world class or have potential to be, maybe Cavani. A DL and MR maybe a DC, prefferbly young then. I have 36 mil but some players will go. Im looking for some good youth prospects too, who are the...
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    3 world class striker what should I do?

    So Im using LFCs update with United and City started playing like **** and Aguero handed in a transfer request and I though what the **** why not. He wasnt very expensive but now I have Van Persie, Rooney and Aguero and I dont know what to do with them :P
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    Why Isnt Kagawa performing?

    Im using LFCs update and Kagawa just hasent been performing as he should. I play him as Advanced Playmaker Attack in a 424 and he never gets involved in the play. He hasnt got a rating over 7.2 yet after 10 games. Is there anything with my tactic or is it something else?
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    Why didnt all the stats make it?

    So I edited some stats like Hazard and upped him in some and when I started a new game all the stats werent there, The passing stats and flair stats where there while pace and finishing and accelerating werent there. Why is that? Do I need to edit the CA and PA?