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    Help required!

    Hello all i am a seasoned player in this series up until FM 16, i had played every edition since championship manager days, but havent been playing for a few years. i took it upon myself so get back on it, but i need help. whats the best update package nowadays? there used to be a guy called...
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    Regen dates help 2018 onwards

    After scouring everywhere i cant seem to find them anywhere beyond 2017.... i would like the regen dates 2018 and as far forward as possible for england italy spain france germany holland and portugal... any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Going in blind need help

    Hi everyone.... have been a avid player since champ manager days.... but have yet to play this edition as took break. Now about to start a save with marshall update.... with arsenal or united.... but have no idea on must have players.... a little help from u guys will b appreciated cheers...
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    annoying main screen

    Hello everyone. Havent played fm15 this year.... going to start now.... as couldnt be dealing with a new patch every 2 mins. Anyway.... i see that on the main home screen in game all of the boxes have shifted from top of screen like normal to the left side.... squad page, tactics, finances, etc...
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    I want a 442 beast ! ! ! ! !

    Hi everyone... we are just a few months away from FM15... im still struggling with FM14 arghhhh! On previous patches ive done well, found a tactic that suits me and the way I want to play. Tbh im clueless at making tactics so don't bother anymore. On latest patch I have been struggling thruout...
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    Genie Scout help required ! ! ! ! !

    Hi boys and girls. I had to clear my whole computer due to viruses. Have managed to download everything... kits faces etc. Only issue im having is with genie scout... have tried download it 10-15 times but everytime it downloads it stops at 4-5 %... then starts and says downloaded... then...
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    Need a slick 4-4-2 wingers plz help !!!

    Hello everyone, basically im extremely frustrated, im ***** at making tactics so i just download, but havent come accross one that fits. I like playing with a back 4, then 2 cms one bwm and a adv playmaker, with 2 wingers pushed further forward then 2 complete strikers. Every tactic ive tried...
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    New links needed for 2014

    Hi everyone, basically like everyone else i got the new game, but i need NEW facepacks, comp logos, kits and a new skin for fm14, i have searched everywhere but they are all old ones, ie last season etc, has anyone got links for any or all off the 4 things needed? would b greatly appreciated thanks
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    Is managing liverpool impossible?

    Hey guys, i been extremely disgruntled since the transfer update, i like being liverpool, but i just cant now, they start of with a 11m balance and 0m transfer fund, you cant buy anyone, selling players, u can ship a couple out but only have 60% transfer revenue coming back... by the end of the...
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    Power regens

    Has anybody seen a link to make more top quality regens? before anyone takes the mick out of the name of the thread, there was such a database for football manager previously, but they tend to be released 4-5 months after game release, an there was one for fm11 and fm12... basically the database...
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    Genie scout 2013 update ? ? ?

    Since the new patch has been released, genie scout has stopped working... has anybody got an idea of when the new version is released? ive searched everywhere and cant find a thing!
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    Jovetic for free ? ? ? what the heck is going on ? ? ?

    Right, im guna keep this simple as possible. im liverpool, first season and its transfer deadline day. ac milan sign a co ownership deal with fiorentina for the transfer listed jovetic for 8.25m, right thats normal, they co own him now. Then the weird **** happens, i make an offer of £0 to...
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    Rejuvinating liverpool

    Just taken over liverpool, on latest lfc marshall save, got 70m transfer budget left but many holes in the squad, playing raikans 4-5-1 tactic, sold reina, johnson, suarez and some fodder, this is how my team looks gkp gkp gordon (free) lbk enrique lbk robinson rbk kelly rbk flanagan cbk...
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    steram problem going online help!

    just managed to get my hands on the game... got in a tried start it, but my steam is in offline mode, i try putting it to online mode but it says sum rubbish about im not connected to the net when i obv am! ive tried everything but its refusing to go into online mode, sum1 plz help me
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    Liverpool new squad lfc marshall latest update

    Hi everyone, im taking over liverpool and going to sell everone and start afresh. only keeping gerrard and carragher cuz impossible to sell them lol. i play a 4-4-2 formation with holding midf and amc, then 2 inside forwards. im looking for 20 new players and will have budget of probably 150m...
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    want the best

    hi everyone, im looking to download the best tactic possibly using 1 4-4-2 formation, cuz all the ones ive made, an the ones ive tried from the site, raikan and woodys, havent worked for me. like i said i religiously prefer 4-4-2. my 4 man midf i like 1 bwm, 1 adv pm, then 2 inside forwards...
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    Huge database

    Hi everyone, the link for the huge database doesnt work, so can someone who has ALREADY got the huge database stored, please send a copy of it in a link, its the only was that can get it now. this will only work if you have already got it previously saved, thanks
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    3 problems that need solving please

    My laptop got a virus, so had 2 scrap it and get new one, ence having to download everything again. ive done everthing but 3 things still remain... 1) i cant find argentina and brazil league facepacks anywhere. 2) cant find a stadiums background that works (the couple on here come up with 404...
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    stupid steam updates mess up saves!

    there probably is 100 threads on this, but ive looked 4 ages an cant find one. basically i want to know how to turn off all these stupid steam updates, cuz they **** up your saves by makin the german team messed, and u have to restart and delete inc box etc and the updates wreck your current...
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    Money problem ! ! ! Somebody read and advise me on whats happening ! ! !

    Right, im in season 2 of my spurs save after winning the double 1st season. i finished season one wiv bank balance of 10m. it said i received 40m for tv in season 2, and 20m for sponorship, neither have gone in2 my balance and hav only been given a trasfer fund of 7m! wtf! in my balance in round...