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    Finlaych's BAP

    Looking for as many players as possible, will stop taking entries when I get bored of using the editor and want to actually play! All CA will be 100 and all PA will be -9. Attributes will be all 5 and selected will be 16. All birth years will be 1997. Full Name: Common Name(If wanted)...
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    Oxford United

    Going to see how far I can get with Oxford United, chose them as I am a Brighton fan and one of our biggest prospects (Jake Forster-Caskey) is on loan for the 2012/13 season!!! Transfers 1. Péter Kurucz Goalkeeper Westham United Loan (Paying 1.4k of the 3.5k) Solid goalkeeper, Good mental...
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    Youtube Be A Pro

    ALL PLACES TAKEN!!! REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE FOR UPDATES!!! 1st Episode: Youtube Be A Pro - Episode 1 - YouTube 2nd Episode: Youtube Be A Pro - Episode 2 - YouTube I'm going to be starting a series on my youtube channel of a be a pro. I'll make a team and talk them from Blue...
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    Players who retire after one season?

    Hey, I'm just starting my second season with Rangers and I'm looking for some former players to hire as staff. Any ideas? I've already re-signed Weir as one...
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    Brighton and Hove Albion

    Hey just started my first season with bhafc, i've sold barnes bought pilkington, thorgan hazard and chamberlain and bruma and mceachran on loan? who next?
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    Tom Cairney

    Hey i'm currently managing chelsea, england and england under 21s. Tom cairneys scout reports all show he's going to be a decent player so i'm trying to give him a cap before he plays for scotland, BUT the problem is when i select him to he's always already selected for scotland under 21s is...