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  1. J

    Highest rated tactic at FMKOREA, Pep's City That's the highest rated tactic within FMKOREA so far of all patches. I don't know if you have tested it yet within this forums tactic testing engine, but you should. Knap and other...
  2. J

    Best Pep Guardiola type tactic for fm20? Don't know if some of...
  3. J

    FM19 Real Life Tactic Replicas

    FM19 has been around for ages now and there are a lot topics regarding of different tactics on different patches, some are insane in terms of success and able to make you overachieve a lot. Now, coming to tactics which are the closest to Real Life tactics, identities of different clubs and...
  4. J

    Best real life tactic replications?

    There's been plenty of them on different patches, but which of them are actually worth a while to try out? Come out and feel free to link them all here: Pep's Klopp Simeone Valverde Pochetino Maurizio Sarri Jupp's Bayern. etc.
  5. J

    Can't use the team talk pre match or at Ht nor end of game

    There just ain't options for it? On newest patch, changed the skin and reloaded it. Also cleared the cache, changed the responsibility to assistant and back, none of which worked. I can only do team talks during the game itself.