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    Turning HB Torshavn from semi pro to pro?

    I decided to go for a different challenge on FM and I'm currently managing HB Torshavn from the Faroe Islands. I'm on my second Season with them and have doubled there worth, got them into the europa league group stages and won everything going in their country. Will the chairman every want to...
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    Please Help Me!

    I have my mouse hovering over Markos Iharos but it is underlining Ivo Pinto! So basically when I'm on Football manager I need to hover above whatever I need to actual click it and it's doing my head in. How do I fix this? Thanks
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    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!

    Safe Haven Some call it "The Island of Sheep". I see it as some sort of safe haven for me. Away from the old hectic lifestyle and also the twisted British media. I'm not for one moment saying I was a saint as I did bring a lot of the hassle on myself although many of my demons have been left...
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    Hamburger Sv - "The Golden Era" will come again...

    Hamburg sack Slomka Mirko Slomka has today been excused from his duties after Hamburg's woeful Season. Slomka did manage to steer The Red Shorts away from a catastrophic era in the history of the club by keeping them in the Bundesliga albeit a narrow victory over two legs against Bundesliga...
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    Is it impossible to make money?

    Hi Guys I've started to get bored with Football Manager so I decided I wanted a REAL challenge! I have started a new save with Tahiti First Divison club AC Dragon. As you can imagine the financial aspect of managing a Semi Pro club is not very good. The majority of my players are on non...
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    Glasgow Rangers - Our Club will never die

    Ally McCoist quits after board room bust up News many Rangers fans all over the world will not want to hear tonight as it's announced Ally McCoist, the legend that has served the Club well through out the years has been sacked after a sensational bust up with the board we can reveal. McCoist...
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    NK Zargreb

    Going to start a save with them, not got any money to spend and wages aren't impressive so looking for free agents who command a small wage and good loanees who would join my team, any suggestions guys?
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    NK Zargreb - Na?e vrijeme dominirati (Our time to dominate)!

    Nogometni klub Zagreb Nogometni klub Zagreb (commonly known as NK Zargreb) are a Croatian football club from the Croatian capital of Zargreb, playing for the first time in Croatian Second Football League in their history since the establishment of Croatian First League in 1992 and its 22...
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    Feyenoord - From financial ruin to Dutch dominance!

    Koeman Quits! Today Ronald Koeman quit as Feyenoord manager after rows with chairman **** van Well got to the stage where they could not work together anymore. Feyenoord have has recent financial problems and it's believed Koeman isn't prepared to live on a tight budget which has been given to...
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    Rangers Then, Rangers Now, Rangers Forever!

    14th February 2012 The Darkest days in History A period Rangers fans will never forget, 14th February, the day when Glasgow Rangers, one of the most successful Football teams in the world were plunged into the chaos of administration. There were times where it was looking very bleak for the...
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    Downloading Addons Please Help!

    Everytime I download something like Club logo's is downloads through word pad, why? What is it supposed to download through?
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    The Great Dane?

    Brian Laudrup is a Former Danish International Football who was capped 82 times by his country scoring 21 goals from the right wing. He was remembered more with his time with Glasgow Rangers playing 116 time and scoring 33 times for them during his Four Seasons at the club. He also has spells...
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    Football is a way of living to me...

    So this is it, my big game in the Amature Cup Final, not exactly the highest heights in Football but I'm so competitive! In recent weeks I've heard that bigger Teams in Scotland & England are looking at me, I'm sure I heard Man City was one of them (laughs)! On a serious note I'll just...
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    Rangers Newco

    Is there any updates where Rangers are a Newco?
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    Fm Editor

    I'm wanting to edit Rangers and get them out of administration but I don't know how to do it can someone help me?
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    Please help quickly!

    When I try downloading the logo packs they are downloading fine but opening up with Microsoft Word, can someone please help me as it's not letting me change it.
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    Time for the step into management?

    What a restless night! The sun beaming in through the window as I lay in bed, mind racing. All of these ideas in my head but on the other hand the "other half" of me thinking it's best not to get involved in the stressful life of Football Management. I had a wonderful Career spanning twenty one...
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    Preparing to launch Football Manager....??

    When I click Fm to start playing it, it comes up preparing to launch football manager 2012 as usal but it doesn't do anything after that! Anyone know how to sort it? Help would be appreciated guys.
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    Iceland National Team Tactic needed...

    Iceland National Team I decided on a challenge and went Iceland who are ranked 125th. They have a decent team with potential to be doing much better. From the 4-0 win at Maldives was my first game. I done not too bad but it was too late to get through for the Euro's. I need a good...
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    It may sound daft to others but as you can see when I go into tactics to pick my squad there position dosen't appear & I can't get it to but it only happens with when I go an International team! Anyone know the problem? Thanks.