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  1. K

    Athletic Bilbao Tactic

    Hi, i want to start a Bilbao save. Transfer rules of only Basque players or Spanish under 17 seems really interresting. But what tactic could i use for them ? With the players we have and can buy (Benat / Rico) we have to play with a AMC.. Who can help me with this? Grtz
  2. K

    Youn?s Belhanda

    Hello all, i tryed to search for thread about him but couldn't find info about my question. I want to start with Montpellier.. can't decide what tactic i want to use.. Depends on how i want to use him.. So my question.. What is the best position for this quality player? AMC or winger?? really...
  3. K

    Leeds United AFC - 1st Season

    Hi Folks. I want to start a save with Leeds.. Bring back the glory to Elland Road .. Can you help me out with new signings/sellings for the first season ??? maybe good info to know, i am gonna use the Il Devasto (thai version) . Thanks in advance :)