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    Best Attacking Corner

    I've tried lots of corner tactic but I didnt found perfect attacking corner. Which is the best and did you see 15+ corner goals in a season?
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    The Locksmith Tactic . This Tactic Opens All Locked Doors

    Hi mates. I think TFF9's Almighty Weirdo tactic is very impressive and I've done some editing on this tactic and at least it is the best for me. Especially, defensively success is great. I have tried with many teams(Galatasaray , Real Madrid , Manchester City and Inter) and results TACTIC...
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    Kurt's Golden 433 Tactic Style Lucescu and Mourinho

    Hello friends. I've tried this tactic and I wanted to share it with you. TACTIC...
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    4-2-2-2 Tactic

    I'm searching high press,solid defence and great offensive 4-2-4 tactic. Does anyone have a recommendation?
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    Hi, Everybody has said ''Mr.Hough will release new tactic next week'' but he don't release his new tactic. Does anyone have an idea?
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    Where is Mr.Hough?

    Mr.Hough has made successful tactics in two years but only he's made 1 tactic for first patch.Been working this tactic for latest patch?
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    Need tactic help

    Guys; I want balanced tactic but strong defense like Chelsea and I can win 1-0 or 2-0 so I prefer 4-2-3-1 formation can you help? Thanks and sorry for my bad english.