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    succes with Rsc Anderlecht?

    Hi all, First of all, sorry for my bad English! J My question, Have somebody has European successes with Rsc Anderlecht (Belgium)? It’s my favorite team, and I’m struggling in Europe. To win the Belgian competition is not difficult. But I want European successes now! J semi-final...
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    Best coach for individual training

    Hi all, i'm searching for an assistant manager That Will be responsable for individual training of my players. Do you know a good one? or wich skills must he have? Many thanks!
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    Best tactic so far on 15.2.1, espacially for subtop teams ?

    Hi all, What's the best tactic you have seen so far? Many thanks,
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    Rsc Anderlecht - First season

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend me a good tactic for my favorite team Rsc Anderlecht (Belgium). Young, very talented team. In Belgium it's not so difficult to win the league but I want more succes in Europe cups :) Many thanks for your tips buddies!
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    Rsc Anderlecht

    Hi all, I always play with my favorite team : Rsc Anderlecht In Belgium it's not difficult to win the title, they have the best team. Now i want to have succes with them in European Competitions... Ok I know it's not easy but did anyone already played a time with RSCA with European succes...
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    Hi all, any good cheap goalkeepers? Thanks