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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    im playing with doncaster rovers in year 2035. so i dont have any of the original players. im in the premiership and never finish lower than 6th haha so i cant understand the struggle away form home
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    20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS

    Ive been using this tactic a while now, and for the life of me i dont know why i struggle so much in away games. ive struggled since playing the game with away games. its drivng me insane. at home this tactic batters teams though for me, it does seem to struggle in defence. most games i...
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    FM20.4.0 PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 5 P108

    the yellow card rate is stupidly high
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    Conceding on the 1st and 90th minute. WTF ?

    ive noticed this. and its also driving me insane. but there are bigger issues for me than this. crossing is broken, one on ones are broken and players are just thick
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    4231 SS-WITCHER the wrath of GERALT

    tried this tactic on my doncaster save. its obviously a good tactic but its same as always for me, y strikers just dont score the chances that get created. even when stood in front of the goal they kick it into the keepers hands. its driving me ******* mental. then the computer team get 1 chance...
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    not in my save, the crosses dont even get into the box, even when they could, the players just dont cross the ball. im not sure if its a bug or what.
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    Has anyone actually been able to get wingers to perform? im sick and tired of them wasting crosses, hitting the first defender, deciding to to shoot whilst on the byline, or just not crossing when the chance comes even though my instructions say to cross the ******* ball! does anyone have any...
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    exactly this! ive managed to come up with something on my save thats just taken me 8 gaames unbeaten. but the strikers still dont score much ive survived off long shots. from players who have long shots less than 11. the wingers are still doing nothing. its like playing with 9 men. and my wing...
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    exactly!, my save is Doncaster rovers, my local team. i won league 1 first season but i just didnt feel like i had, i know winning the league is no easy task. but i still noticed 1 on 1 chances got begging. stupid soft shot when the goal is at the stikers mercy. the worst thing for me though...
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    ive tried this tactic, and never ever get anwhere near these results. the strikers under perform drastically, missing easy chances. The AMC are just not there. poor ratings dont even pass the ball in sitations to put a player through on goal. as for the crosses, no crosses actually make it into...
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    BEOWULF 442 (P107) P105 EC FA KNAP

    doesnt really seem to be working for me. having said that nothing is really "working" poor striker performances on every tactic ive tried, poor crossing, poor one on ones. tired of it constantly being like this on this game. ive no idea what else to do
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    Im so sick and tired of seeing my strikers miss the most simple goals. multiple simple chances that shouldnt be missed. most of the team getting poor ratings even though im top of league. have i missed something? yes i know im top of the league. but its just making the save so much less...
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    Italian league issue

    hey all! I'm playing as parma and therefore had to get a custom database. im in the the year 2023 I'm currently on the date 22nd December and i haven't played a single league game yet, no Italian team has. the league cup is playing as normal, and so is the champions league. but thats...
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    Work Permits

    Ive signed a 19 year old Uruguayan player who needs a work permit, I've sent him on loan to slavia prague. but is there a way to find out how much longer he needs to be out on loan for?
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    file wont load

    does anyone have any idea why my game file wont load nothing happened to it, no crashes or anything i saved and quit the game like i always do. save the game-quit to main menu-quit game now it says the save game could not be loaded
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    Adrián Colunga

    does anyone have any idea why free agent Adrián Colunga is banned? i cant find an explanation
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    Wigan first season

    Hi all! I've got some strange fix to use wigan on this years fm, but I've decided i need better players for the fullbacks. so if anyone can suggest some full backs left and right i can bring in, i have 3 million to spend
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    Wonderkids that will come to sky bet championship

    just starting a fulham save, and i was wondering if anyone knows wonderkids that are open to coming to the championship? ive got about 6 million to spend any realistic names anyone can suggest would be a big help. i dont see the point in bringing in players that wont cut it in the prem so...
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    Aaron Cresswell/West Ham second season

    Ive just finished 3rd after first season with the hammers. for some reason the board has only given me £3million to put together a champions league worth team, (im fuming). Aaron Cresswell has had a storming season with a av rating of 7.89, as a result man city are in for him and ive managed...
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    Ross Barkley

    After my season with everton, Man united steam in with wanting to know how much for barkley. i didnt plan on selling him so made a stupid offer of £70million, they then offered me £72million, ive snapped their hand off. need a replacement now though :(, ledson is just short of being a started...