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    Lower League Management Tactics.

    I'm doing a Stockport Town save which is at level 10, would like to know if anyone has any consistent tactics as mine don't seem to be working. Usually after about 7 or 8 games the results drop off...
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    FM Base R.I.P

    Like a few people that play FM I've stayed loyal to FM Base despite other forums available but I'm saddened that the site is pretty much dead. Interaction with other players is minimal unless your part of a click. So many other sites offer more interaction & feedback... Going back 7 years ago...
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    Level 10 to Premier League.

    Was just wondering if anyone has started with a team in England at level 10 and managed to get them to the Premier League? If so any tips would be greatly appreciated as I'm into my 4th season and am still at level 10!
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    Kit Request Thread Rules: 1. Don't be to critical if they're not how you want it, I go by the info I've got & put my own spin on it. 2. That's it really...oh & patience I will get round to every kit request.:)
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    Inspired by a few stories I've been reading recently I've decided to re-ignite the FM Base Challenge save. FM Base City FC will be starting off at Level 10 in the English Football Pyramid. This is not a rags to riches save so the aim is not complete domination, just to see how far we could get...
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    Quick Guide to how I get kits onto FM18 with FMXML. A basic tutorial just in case anyone has issues getting kits onto game. Firstly create a folder for the kits to go into so for example I’ve made kits for Tadcaster so I’ll name the folder Tadcaster kits but you can name it anything you...
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    FIFA vs Football Manager...

    First things first I'm gonna show my age now by these comments...XD Played the original FIFA International Soccer on my SEGA Mega Drive and then FIFA 95 and so on...with each upgrade going on to different gaming consoles. Even though I enjoyed the button mashing to either tackle, shoot or more...
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    RATE MY NFL THEMED KITS...(part 2)

    Part 2 of NFL Kits...:D
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    RATE MY NFL THEMED KITS...(part 1)

    Let me know what you think of these NFL kits... **Forgot to add this one**
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    Inaugural Premier League Kits.

    Had ago at doing the kits for the first ever Premier League... *Coventry City Kit not showing*:@
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    The Doncaster Knights Project.

    Having a bash at a story for the first time since a Scarborough Athletic story I did many years please forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. Also depending on support It may not last long so here goes anyways.XD THE DONCASTER KNIGHTS FC PROJECT 7/5/13 Meetings were up and running for...
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    Jack Butland signs for Liverpool!!!l...well i wish anyways.

    Liverpool definitely need another keeper & it looks like Simon Mignolets' days are numbered. Personally i'd give Danny Ward a chance in goal but i can't see Klopp giving him the nod, now Jack Butland would be a fantastic signing...what do you guys think?
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    Retro Themed Kits...

    Thought i'd have ago at creating some retro styled kits. Please comment on what you guys think even if you think they're s**t.XD
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    What's happened?!!

    Was a member on FM Base about 5 years ago and it was a really nice site to chat about FM and share info etc etc. Recently returned and am a little saddened how little interaction there is on here so was just wondering what has happened....
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    Half Price Kits!!!

    ...well not exactly but better than just putting "taking kit requests" :D Here are a few I've done if anyone is interested.