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    4123 Wide Attacking, Won Sextuple, 34 out of 38 league games

    EDIT: I finished the season, and this tactic has produced some ridiculous results for me, I went undefeated in the league and won 34 league games. Conceded just 16 goals and scoring 110. Lost the champions league final after penalties, Won everything else I am now playing this 4123 wide, and...
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    343 Asymmetric

    I am currently using this tactic, shape usually ends up being close to a 343, but its very asymmetric. it seems relatively solid defensively, and i score enough goals. I am currently playing as Hercules, starting out in the segunda b3 division, got promoted rather easily using a 4231, which has...
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    4231, Won league & champions league first season

    EDIT: There is a slightly tweaked and defensively better tactic on page 4 I originally built this tactic and figured i would alter and perfect it as i went along, however i went unbeaten for the first 30 league games, and my first premier league loss was with a B team away to man city as i had...
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    Director of football Arsene wenger gets a 2.1 million bonus for winning the league

    I just won the league with arsenal, at the start i choose to keep wenger as director of football even though he does basically nothing. He got a 2.1 million bonus! its in euros but still, seems excessive. also cant believe sanogo got a 350k bonus while on loan
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    4231, Unbeaten in 23 league games

    My tactic is working pretty good so far, so i thought i would share it. It is a basic 4231, most of my players enjoy the teams style of play and out of 23 league games i have won 19 and drawn 4, all away games. Defense seems stable as well. I usually dont get a lot of shots, but i do get good...
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    Corners, 11 goals in 23 games

    I was checking out the team stats and found out i had 11 goals from 23 league matches, figured some of you might be interested in it. I set it up the way i have it now after a couple of league games where all my corners amounted to nothing. It's pretty basic really, I let my backs take the...