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    Any one here had success with buying Neymar and how do you play him. I made an offer for him and it got accepted, but just how good is he? Thinking of either playing him IF AML - or poacher..
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    sick off injuries - preventing them?

    Am i the only one sick of getting an injured player every match!! **** frustrating.. Started with villa out for 2 months the sanchez 3 weeks and iniesta 3 weeks.. game after that puyol 6 weeks and the game after that alves out 6 weeks!! WTF!! whole freaking first team gone right there!! most...
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    PPM for AML/R advanced playmaker

    Hey was just wondering if you wold recommend teaching an advanced playmaker on one of the wings the same ppm's as if he was playing in the middle? I have retrained Pastore as AML and play him as an adv.playmaker (wideplay ticked to cut inside). He is actually doing immense for me there both...
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    Shots from distance

    I like to play a Quick passing game (Barca like), so you might say its bad transfer mindset buying a player with the ppm shoots from distance, but as he also has curls ball and high ratings in finishing, long shots etc i thought it would be worth the try( Player is Arjen Robben btw).. Sometimes...
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    Moving into channels/ Hampering each others game?

    Lets say both a right sided striker and a AMR inside forwards wide play off the ball is set to move into channels - Would they move into the same "channels"? get into each others way and hamper each others game?
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    4-2-4 midfielder tactical advice - help?

    Hi i'm playing a selfmade 4-2-4 tactic, i would just like to hear your thoughts on the CM setup as i would like to get more goals out of my AMR IF att. It's as if he is only dangerous on the counter, but would like him to be more involved if possible.. right now it looks like this: Phil: att...
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    Inside Forward who moves into channels?

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone has tried having a IF moving into channels? Fx. I have Robben who has a PPM - CUT INSIDE. according to the TC Inside forwards wideplay is set to "cut inside" but that is WITH the ball right? As he already has cut inside as a PPM i was thinking of setting his...
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    Updating a save from 11.2 to 11.3 WITH transfer updates...

    Is it possible to continue your save game from patch 11.2 and Update to patch 11.3 (to get the transfer updates) - and if so, how?
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    Buffon overrated?!

    Why is this guy so good in this game? (he is class irl i know).. everytime i play against Juventus he single handedly keeps them in the game and saves everything. Even at 38 his stats haven´t dropped and got a 9.6 rating against me (played 0-0 in the first leg) and although i won 3-0 at home he...
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    (regen) player description

    Does it mean anything? Is there a difference between lets say a regen described as a "wonderkid" vs a "promising fullback" vs. "normal"? can you tell from the description that one player has a better PA than another ( i dont use genie scout) - Is there a natural hierachy(sp?) in this...
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    AMC and importance of strenght

    Ok since my last thread got closed. ( it wasnt supposed to be a whos better thread - sorry).. Im about to (maybe) sign a player (buonanotte) for chealsea in EPL but his strenght is like 9.. is this gonna be a fact and make him play like ****? or is it just a matter of time before the player...
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    buonanotte and pastore

    Hey im currently in the situation where i can sign both but only need 1. (as AMC) pastore has a low work rate which kind off puts me off, while buan. strenght and aerial ability sucks, but his flair, decisions and creativity are minimally higher than pastores...( like 1-2 higher) What would...