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    Sorry To Be A Pain...

    Hi all... Sorry to be a pain, but i want to change the competition names to the real ones! Although, im having some trouble doing this, i download the file, and it says the folders to put them in cant be found! If any of you know how to do it or have any other alternatives it would be much...
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    Windows 7 (No Graphics Folder)

    Hey guys... Since installing Windows 7, and installing FM, i seem to have no graphics folder, therefore i cannot add player faces, club and competitions logo's etc :S Any help would be most appreciated. :)
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    Old Member Rejoining! :)

    As maybe the likes of Sean and Kris may remember me, as they will know, i am a bit of a noob when it comes to the likes of fm, but guys, anyone actually i seriously need your help! I want to get all the proper kits, logos and player faces to go on my game. I have no idea where to extract them to...
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    League 2 Net Game Competition!!!!????

    Right I Have Come Up With This Idea Not Just For League 2 But Any League Of Anyones Choice..........Whoever Many People Apply They Will Be Equally Seperated Into Two Groups....A and B.....Group A Will Be Hosted By Me And Group B Will Be Hosted By Anyone Who Wants To Host...I Will Post What Days...
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    slight problem....

    how do u apply for work permits for somebody who is already at your club????
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    Do any of your appeals when a player gets sent off get approved because mine have never been approved????
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    In Need Of Urgent Help!!!

    can you plz help me...ive downloaded the 7.0.2 patch and then i click on the icon and it says cannot locate the CDrom????? im in serious need of help!!:yikes:
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    If you were the owner of SI

    If you were the owner of SI what you make different about footie manager or any of the other games they make????
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    Name your finds!!!!!!

    Ok....this has just come to my head......and well can you post ur finds i.e great players or wonderkid which not many people know about..... Cheers Walshy:)
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    Good midfielders

    Can you help me because i need a right sided midfielder in the range of 2.1 million and im everton in my second season..............thnx;)
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    Cheap good players for the prem?????

    Does anyone know any good players for the prem and everton for under 1.5 million????? thnx for your help
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    Help Needed

    I think i must be the worst person to play on fm coz i cant get any sort of wins together with chester or everton..................can u plz plz plz give me tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
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    Who is better?

    Who do you think is better everton or liverpool:|
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    Isnt It About Time???..........

    this forum bit on fm2007 went aboove 06 sean????????????????
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    Fifa 07

    Do any of you think fifa 07 is any good..........personaly i think its ****!!!!!!!
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    Everton 3 Liverpool 0

    Ha Ha To All U Liverpool Fans...........we Have Now Proved We Are The Best Team On Mersyside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:d
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    bug maybe???????

    on my game wit chester city,it keeps on saying every 2 weeks or so that i have a new chester record spending 6.5mill, i dnt no if this is a bug,can you please update me on this!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    the prem this season

    hi all can you put the standings of who u think will come were this season.............mine is 1st-chelsea 2nd-man utd 3rd-arsenal 4th-liverpool 5th-everton 6th-tottenham 7th-newcastle 8th-charlton 9th-wigan 10th-blackburn 11th-bolton 12th-man city 13th-west ham 14th-portsmouth 15th-aston villa...
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    starting a new game the moment i cnt start a game. plz can you tell me a team who gets success in the first season so i can be them..............thanks:)
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    does anyone know wer to extract the fm base fc patch to:| :| :| :| :|