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    How would this laptop run fm13?

    Hi guys just wanted to know how this laptop would run fm13: PACKARD BELL PACKARD BL RECON Deals | Pcworld Thanks guys
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    is it me or do Norway have some decent players this year? Selnaes, Svensson, Hiljemark, Strandberg just to name a few!! What do you guys think and what other countries stand out in terms of the quality of their players?
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    Jozy Altidore

    Has anyone ever used him? What was he like? Would you reccommend him? Just any info on Jozy Altidore please!!
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    Choosing a team outside of England

    Okay, so i need a new save but, i have never managed outside of england so i was wondering if you guys could reccomend me a foreign team to start my international career. Thanks in advance!
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    QPR - Start of 2nd season - Need URGENT help!

    Ok, after joining QPR mid-way through the season, i saved them from relegation finishing 14th. I have on been given 450k budget and 30% transfer revenue even after asking, my main positions that need strengthening are the goalkeeper, Full back and any sort of attacking players. Please help...
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    Barnsley FC - Anyone...

    Hey guys, Barnsley is my hometown and following our 5-0 loss to city, i thought i would start a save with them, i have never done a save with them. So i was wondering, has anybody done a save with them and if so what players would you reccommend, what tactics should I use and any other helpful...
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    William Kvist - Stuttgart

    Name:William Kvist Club: Stuttgart D.O.B: 24/02/85 Nationality: Denmark (Danish) Position: MC/DM, MR Strengths: Composure Anticipation Concentration Teamwork Pace Weaknesses: Finishing Flair Heading Off the ball Dribbling Average ratings of 8.40 so far for Arsenal...
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    My Liverpool Team

    Hey guys, not sure this is in the right section, but anyway i just wanted to see what you guys think of my current team. Here it is: I play a defensive 4-5-1 ST- Falcao/Borini LW- Sturridge/Coutinho/Assaidi(Been amazing) RW- Suarez/Sturridge CM- Shelvey/Henderson CM- Gerrard/Allen DM-...
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    The Bpl Star Player Challenge

    This is my first go at making a challenge, so sorry if its a bit 'below average' :D Aim Of The Challenge The Aim Of this challenge is to buy one star player from each team of the Barclays Prem. There will be 2 star players from each team. There will be a list below. Rules - No cheating. -...
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    Laptop problem

    Hey, I have a Packard Bell NEW90 and whenever i play FM, after about 30-60 minutes it seems to just shut down, just turns off instantly, any ideas? Please help Thanks for replys
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    Who has your managing director bought for you?

    Hey, I have Franco Baldini has my DoF and so far he has got me: Marouane Fellaini - £17.5 million Pablo Armero - £16.25 million Yohan Cabaye - £16 million Are these good deals? P.S i am Arsenal Who has yours bought?
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    Fm13 first start up

    Hey, I just got FM13 for Xmas I installed it with steam, when i started it up it loaded ok but then at the start screen it was a blank page with grey lines where the buttons should be. Please help cant wait to get on it! Thank you
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    Andy Carroll replacement

    Hey guys, i am liverpool in the first season on LFC's update, when Carroll gets back off loan i am going to offload him so i need a replacement with 16 million budget. P.S i tried leandro damiao and Cavani but they want 40 million for both :P Thanks
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    Bargains on LFCmarshalls update

    So guys, Does anyone know any bargains on LFC's latest update? I'm Liverpool In the First Season and about 20 million to spend, already bought Llorente for 28m and nene for 4.9m. Thanks for suggestions and advice Yours...
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    Manager Names

    Hi, Just wondering what name do you use in the game do you use your real name or a fake one If you use a fake name could you post it here. Thanks, mitchLFC
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    Arsenal - Start of Game - 43 Million Budget

    Just started a save with Arsenal to play over Christmas, but, i have no idea who to spend the budget on. So could anyone give me some recommendations on to buy. Thanks for answersXD
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    Fun Games

    Please can someone give me a fun game to play, that will last me some time for the holidays, something fun, challenging and enjoyable. Thanks for answers.;)
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    Barnsley Fc

    Has anyone got any tips, recommendations or guides on playing with Barnsley FC as i am from Barnsley i thought i would have a bash wi them. Thanks for answers
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    Team Guides

    Hi Fm-Base users, As anyone created any team guides for Fm12 yet and if you have could you please post them here. Thankyou, mitchLFC