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    Top 5 Things Pele Does Not Want You to Know

    Top 5 Things Pele Does Not Want You to Know | Bleacher Report Read the article if you have time and also dont forget to leave a comment (If you agree with him or not) NOTE: I DIDNT WRITE THIS ARTICLE
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    Where can i find the FORUM RULES HERE?

    anyone has a link on it? i have to read it again because i got a warning
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    Feeder Club Question (loan out my youth players)

    on my first season i ask the board to find me a feeder club (month of january/Feb) and they came back on April but i rejected all their suggestion because they dont have the best training my question after rejecting the first verdict/find how long will it take to find another...
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    Striking partner for a Targetman

    As title says is it better TM-POACHER or AF? here is my current formation 4-1-2-1-2 CB - defend FB- FB (auto.) DMF - Anchorman MF - DPL (s)-B2B (s) AMC -TREQUARTISTA (a) ST - TM A- AF A
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    Erick Torres on 1st season (Everton)

    how much is he on 1st season i already bid 10 mil still Chivas doesnt want it ... some people say or i read some thread that he bought Erick Torres 1st season just for 5m
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    coaching atttributes does it changes /increase?

    As title says does it change ? :confused:
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    Genie Scout Question:

    What if the player JADEDNESS is negative? Does it mean he is good or bad?
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    One player is unhappy with his training do I............

    how do i make him happy with his training workload ?
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    Guys I need help:

    Where can i find this setting? ​THIS SCREENSHOT IS OWN BY LAFFLES.
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    Hello ^^) Im a newbie on this game...i hope you can help me out how to train and best tactics :)