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    You Laugh, You Lose

    Basically post the funniest Picture/videos/memes/links you can find How long will you last?
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    Notifications Question.

    Can I re-check my notif. I had a notif about someone liking my post but while it was loading I clicked a different link and now when I click Notifications it brings me to my PM's.
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    30 Day Song Challenge!/pages/30-Day-Song-Challenge/120874111270003?v=app_4949752878 day 01 - your favorite song day 02 - your least favorite song day 03 - a song that makes you happy day 04 - a song that makes you sad day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone day 06 - a song that...
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    Anyone done it? Thinking about doing my 4th Gen 4.2.1 and was just wondering what were your experiences with it. Will I lose the music currently on my Ipod if I jailbreak?
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    Free music!

    TRACKLIST: 01 - Welcome v2 - HipHopaholic 02 - Livin' In My Nightmares - Fenix & Eric Jones 03 - I Go Crazy - SAGE (Feat. CJ The Genesis, Zilly & M-Trey) 04 - Maniac - Evo (Feat. Chawlz) 05 - Hard In Da Paint - Noble 06 - I'm Ready To Go - Kenja (Feat. Grindhouze) 07 - Ludacris Style Beat -...
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    Your 5 Most Played Songs

    Whether it be on your Ipod or Itunes or any thing else give your top five songs their artists and the play count On my Ipod His Dream Asher Roth 53 Im Illy T.I 52 Little Lion Man...
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    Post Count

    Im not too sure if this is in the right place. Basically put your post count into google images and post the first picture you get. Heres mine: 574
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    Hiphopaholics Beat Thread. Subscribe to my Tumblr and My Crew's Tumblr
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    My first ever beats.

    Hey. Recently tried to get into producing. I started using FL Studios a couple of weeks ago and I tought I'd share my first couple of beats. I feel like they are a hiphop type production. Constructive Critisism welcome. 1st Beat Ever: 1st Beat Evar.mp3 - 6.6 Mb Orchestrial: Orchestrial.mp3...
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    The Texture Thread

    This is a thread to post textures you made, textures you've collected or your favourites. I'll start off by postin a few of my favourites
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    Ireland Vs. Brazil

    Its now 15 minutes in. 0-0 and its very close. Anybody watching? Predictions? Personaly I dont rate our chances so i would say 3-0 to Brazil.
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    Best YouTube Channel Ever.

    Lately Ray William Johnson has been refering to this MysteryGuitarMan so I decided to check him out. He is pretty **** cool if ye ask me. Check Him Out.
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    Kit Making With GIMP

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to make kits using GIMP. Ive searched for tutorials but cant seem to find any for GIMP. Thanks ;)
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    Preferred Moves.

    Sorry if i put this in the wrong section but i just wanted to know how to train a player to have prefered moves e.g. placed shots Thanks ;)
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    Right i have €120 and i want to get two games. But thats where the problem starts. there is at least 4 good games that are out or are coming out. Im defo getting CoD 6. But theres; Assasins Creed 2 Uncharted 2 Fm 10 Which should i get??
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    How Much Has Your Striker Scored??

    I was just wondering whats the highest amount of goals 1 striker has scored in 1 season without cheating?? Please say the amount, the striker, the team and the league Mine is; 20 Pawel Brozek Southhampton League 1
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    Problem With My Strikers

    For Some reason no matter what type of striker it is, no matter what tactics i use my strikers cant seem to score. the most ive had in any game was 10 league goals and recently i read in one of these forums that someone scored 40 in 1 season. So im asking yous to help with get more out of my...
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    As Roma

    Ok I know i started a lazio thread yesterday but ive realised lazio are *****!!!!! i couldnt buy anyone i tried so ive started a new one with As Roma :D Ive told my board i will be a title challenger but i want to do a double. Ive finished my transfer so this is who ive bought and my tactics :D
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    My Lazio Thread :D

    Im Starting a thread with lazio Ive told the board i will be a title challenger and hope to win some trophy in my first season:D I will update in a few days.
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    Blueprint 3 Or Man On The Moon???

    With the leak of Jay-Zs Blueprint 3 last week and Kid Cudis Man On The Moon:The End Of Day leaking today. I wanna know peoples opinion. Mine Is Blueprint 3 by far but alot of forums i was on earlier were saying otherwise.