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    Chelsea - 4th Season £35 Mil

    Ive just started my 4th season and am not sure who to sign. Ive recently changed from a 41212 to a 433 so am not sure who i can sign to strengthen my team. Any ideas much appreciated. Thanks
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    Magaluf 2011

    Hey People, anyone going to magaluf this summer??
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    Chelsea CM

    I have just sold Essien to Real Madrid for 45.5 mil and i need a replacement. Any idead. i have 80 mil to spend. Thanks
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    Was just wondering who else plays snooker here? :)
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    How do i set player instructions?

    I keep trying to set player instructions but whenever i go onto the tactics and then onto player instructions i am unable to click on anything? Help would be much appreciated, thanks
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    Hull City on 9.3

    i have just started as Hull on he new patch and have about 500k left. Anyone got any gd players for about 500k
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    Creating a club help?

    i want to create a club but dont know what to call it or what players to include etc? any advice
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    Creating a club

    i want to create a club using the editor but not sure what to call the club or what players to have etc etc? any advice