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    Editor data crashes

    Hi there! I have uploaded a league pack recently, can be found in the downloads section. Some people had problems with it, they experienced a CTD with crash dump, when the game is setting up the database. At first, I thought it could be, it was made on an older patch, but now I have seen this...
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    The **** challenge :P

    Here we go with the team of the **** star! Inter Prague. Challenge: Soon I'll put up an Inter Prague team download link, what replaces Ovracy. We'll start in the Czech 3rd division(inactive by default), and the goal is to get them to the top obviously. Use of other editor data files(such as the...
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    Lordtom's league addons

    Hi there! I have started to work on my first league addons for Football Manager 2012. Soon I'll release the first one, we'll see which one. You can make requests! Lower League pack(some European and American lower leagues(England 7th for example)): Lower divisions.rar AFC League pack(23 new...
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    Saúl Ñíguez - Atlético Madrid

    Sorry, don't know if he's posted already here. Name: Saúl Ñíguez Esclápez Club: Atlético Madrid D.O.B: 21/11/1994 Nationality: Spanish Position: Attacking Midfield Centre Strengths: dribbling first touch passing technique agression teamwork acceleration pace Weaknesses: corners...
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    Fifa 11 PC summer update made by me

    Lordtom's 2011 summer update - Soccer Gaming Forums I have made a new patch for Fifa 11 with the summer updates. It contains one new team(Dinamo Zagreb), and .... ahhh, check the details there. Feel free to talk and comment about it.
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    LFC Marshall update freeze

    Hi! I've got the new LFCMarshall update.(up to august 22th) Did some changes in Greece, and when I select Greece in game, the game just stops loading, or freezes, I don't know, but it does it at "Setting up game database". I did more than 500 changes. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
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    Racing simulators.

    Basically here can come everything about racing sims. You know, I don't mean NFS: Shift, Underground etc, with their sh*t physics(sorry for everyone who love them). I mean like GTR2, GT Legends, Race 07, iRacing, and so on. So what do you think 'bout these games?
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    Is there anyway to DON'T control the first team?

    I want to manage the youth or the B team only. Is it possible, that my assistant controls the first team?
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    Lordtom's updates

    Hi! Here is my first work for Football Manager series. I have did some missing winter transfers. I mean like, Luis Fabiano to Sao Paulo, Mbark Boussoufa, Jucilei to Anzhi, José Juan Luque to Diósgyőr, Lacina Traoré Kuban. Also, I have created 3 players, and made Hungarian managerial changes...