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    Long Throw Tactics

    Just looking to see if anybody has a good set-up for throw ins when you have the 'long flat throw' PPM Whenever I come up against a team with it, it causes me all sorts of problems but when I've tried creating something I barely get a highlight
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    International Breaks

    Hey guys, I'm playing as Leeds in my first season and in the international breaks hardly any of my squad get call ups, a few U21s & some of my African players. I'm just wondering if people ever use these breaks for anything worthwhile? At the minute I just play a friendly against a...
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    Watching Match from Overview Screen

    Hey all, Does anybody know if there is a way to set up the match day so that between highlights I can view the Overview screen but then when there is a highlight it will automatically switch to the pitch view? I like the information on the overview screen because the 2 panels on the Pitch...
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    Post Denied Error

    Hi I'm constantly getting the error 'Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words' when I try reply to my tactics thread in the share FM16 tactics section
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    Deploy the Anchor - 4-1-2-2-1

    Hey all, My first ever upload so be gentle! The anchor man has always been one of my favourite roles in FM and I think it's quite underrated. All the images are below as attachments Out of 8 competitive games I've won 6 and kept 6 clean sheets! The other 2 I lost 2-0 due to the...
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    Training Preferred Moves - Minimum Requirements

    Hey, Just wondering if there is any sort of guide stating the requirements a player would need to successfully learn a PPM - for example to learn the Long Flat Throw a player must have at least 14 Long Throws I've taken over West Brom in the Championship at the minute and have gone for a...