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  1. Zecharya

    New stadium project cancelled - money gone

    It's 2055 in my current save and my board finally decided to build a new 124k seater stadium. The very next day however the project is being cancelled with no message explaining why or how the project was cancelled. As you can see though the money that was used to finance the project seems to...
  2. Zecharya

    Optional Contract Extension By Club?

    As you can see in the screenshot below I've added an Optional Contract Extension clause for several of my players. Does anyone know why I can't activate any of them? One of my players (Marco Aubonney) his contract runs out in 2020 (year is 2018 now), there's an Optional Contract Extension in...
  3. Zecharya

    Weird Assistant Manager Bug

    I've encountered a bug (I think). When my long-serving assistant manager, Jaap Stam, retired I promoted my under-19's manager Christiano Ronaldo to my new assistant manager (via a new contract). Now, whenever I have to play a match and use "quick-pick" a message coming from Jaap Stam pops up...