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  1. J

    Generic: Best Corner Routine? Defence/Attack

    Building my team around FM14SERBIAS 4231 but his corners don't score a lot. Anyone had any luck with a routine I could implement here?
  2. J

    Another TFF tweak.... this time we have a 4132

    Got bored of the game, decided to try something different. Obviously used TFFs tactics as the base as his tactics tend to be the most consistent. Works in a sense that its a very hard tactic to break down with a solid 4 in midfield. OIs same as TFFs topic, train match tactics till accomplished...
  3. J

    C.O.D Home and Away - All out attack

    C.O.D stands Call of Duty, COD is a tasty fish, C.O.D in this instance stands for Circle of Death. I have been disillusioned lately with FM, my 280 goals with Barca kind of killed the game for me. I have been poncing around on my Shrewsbury save for a while and the goals were drying up with V11...
  4. J

    3 Nation Challenge

    Starting reading some of the stories in here the other day as I mainly post in the share tactics forums. I had in 10 years took Shrewsbury to the premier league and won 3 champions leagues in a row. I wanted a new challenge so thought a story may work? So here's my idea. The basis is that I...
  5. J

    v0lliz JS tweak topic Main Striker scoring 100+ goals each season

    BOMBARDMENT Main Striker scoring 100+ goals each season So we decided in v0lliz's topic that we would split the topic into two as my tweaks and his were getting very confusing, I currently have only done two tweaks and will post them here with some results. I will also try and do an in depth...
  6. J

    15.3 "The Count-er" 4231 with 3 AMCs 2nd with West Brom 1st season

    Been obssessed with the counter concept since the 15.3 patch came in and been messing with a load of tactics this one was originally based on Bebetoos 352 so props to him for the set pieces and the base idea I recommending looking at his topic as his results are crazy. Let us continue I have...
  7. J

    15.3 Opinions and what tactics are working for you?

    Early doors but what tactics are working for people? I have Chelsea away and keep reloading trying tactics, one thing I can say is they have scored from 4 long throw ins and had 0 CCCs with my 4231 but they are winning 6-0.....
  8. J

    115 points and 139 goals for, in Championship CREWE - 4231 Asymmetric - NEED TESTERS

    Well I saw everyones need for a 4231 and thought I loved that formation as well, I started off playing with Crewe and used galego25s tweak of chrissydudes 424 tactic which was essentially a 4231...
  9. J

    Need a good shut out tactic for last 20 minutes of game

    I hold a two goal lead far too often and when it hits 70 minutes all ou bedlam happens! Just need a tactic that is more safe andwill see out the clock, I know goals can still occur but decreasing the probability of this would be great
  10. J

    Can we create a tactic that is focused solely around crossing?

    Trying every single tactic (pretty much) on this forum there is a trend that keeps on going through for me, the AI will always score from crosses, a lot of the best chances come from crosses so why not focus a tactic solely around that? Apparently no matter the defenders you have a cross comes...
  11. J

    Lower/Lesser Team Tactic Thread

    Well I am always on the endless struggle of starting from nothing and making it to the top, obviously the tactic is a large part to do with this.... but my passion is the squad building, love finding those young talents and make them absolute superstars! But to do this you need a winning tactic...
  12. J

    Is it possible to have a tactic with 4 at the back that has good defence in 14.3?

    From my experiences it has to be a big fat no, ive downloaded a lot of tactics and can see that 4 at the back ones are disgracefully bad for defence! Now I am sure I will have a few people coming in here saying look at my results blah blah blah, no doubt it is with a good team probably top 6 and...
  13. J

    Best Defensive tactic youve seen this patch?

    All I see is attack attack attack, everyone loves scoring goals, but I for one HATE conceding them! How many people start basing their tactics on the defence and work their way forward? Not many I bet! It seems fro my experience 4 at the back formations are horrendous for defence, I mainly...
  14. J

    Looking for stable tactic Coventry league 1 to Prem and beyond

    Has anyone accomplished this? If so what tactic have you used and the time period it took you? I have a tycoon save which is the first time ive tried it so have the players just need the tactic to take me to the top, need something consistent! Done this with Wolves before getting them into the...
  15. J

    Defence is the best form of attack (14.2.2) -Norwich 5th 1st season 2nd = incredible

    Back Story So I have tried a lot of formations on this website, and have found the ones based around a solid defence have always been the most effective for me! This is why when I saw Di Martinos Pyramid formation (find here =...
  16. J

    What more can you do against this patch?

    I know there are many rants about this accross these forums but sweet jesus I have been trying a new tactic and has highlighted the problems more and more to me! I will use my last 2 games as examples. Me 4 CCCs, CPU 1 CCCs finishes 3-3...... me at home Me 5 CCCs, CPU 0 CCCs finishes 1-2...