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    Player History

    Hey guys, Just a quick query. Logged in today to find my player history has bugged. Doesnt look like the usual bug where it has years missing. Mine just looks whack. Anyone had this issue before? Cheers team
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    David Ivan

    Hey guys, Anyone come across this guy before? Got offered him for 250k on my genclerbirglllli save and he looks a decent prospect. Keen to pick him up but a little cautious due to my foreign player cap.
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    Carlos Fernandez

    So i stumbled across this guy in a match vs City. Some way in the future but i have never even seen this guy before. Anyone had any experience with him or got any pics from the beginning? He looks like a gun
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    Florian Thuavin

    Had an offer from Bayern and Utd for 46m. I have stocks of wingers in my squad (Fischer, Savitskiy, Sterling, Zaha, Roberts) but Thauvin has been my best player for some time now and the other just cant seem to perform the way he does bar Sterling. Logical option is to let him go but i'm not...
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    Toon Save

    So im doing pretty well in my toon save and we just won the 16/17 season and my team is looking pretty good but i had the opportunity to pick up Phil Jones and Raheem Sterling for some decent prices and Deulofeu is available on a free at the end of this season. Basically im just looking for...
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    Daniel De Silva

    Name: Daniel De Silva Club: Perth Glory D.O.B: 06/03/1997 Nationality: Australian Position: AMC Strengths: First touch Finishing Passing Technique Weaknesses: strength Bravery Description: Picked him up in my toon save. Loaned out to Olympiakos and he is doing quite nicely. Probably need...