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  1. J

    Choice of feeder club..

    Hello there, currently in the year 2020 of my Reading save and asked the board for a feeder club with a successful youth system. They responded giving me the option to chose any team in the world, obviously the big teams won't accept so any ideas who to go for? To give an idea of the rep of my...
  2. J

    The Ross Geller Appreciation Thread

    Oh my god, you know what? I think you're right, I think... wait, listen, listen: A pigeon... no, wait no no... An EAGLE flew in!.... Landed on the stove.. and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty bird's aid.. the eagle however misconstrues this is an act...
  3. J

    Arteta would consider England,19528,11661_6328410,00.html Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta has revealed that he would consider playing for England if he received a call-up from manager Fabio Capello. The Spanish playmaker was born in San Sebastian, but has never played for Spain's senior...
  4. J

    Skrtel: This is our year,19528,11661_6318523,00.html Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel reckons the Reds can finally end their 21-year wait for the league title this season. The Anfield outfit are outsiders for the Premier League crown following last season's dismal seventh place finish...
  5. J

    Al-Qaeda terrorists threat to England vs USA

    To start off, Im sure I've seen a thread about this on here before, but searched and couldn't find it so I must of been wrong. Anyway, I was just reading an article from a while back and am beginning to become concerned that something might actually happen when we face USA. Here's the link to...
  6. J


    A general Mixed Martial Arts thread to discuss news, upcoming events and fights, fighters etc. Did anyone watch UFC 114 the other night? If so, what did you think? What about the potential fight involving Overeem & Fedor? Who do you think would win? Anything to do with MMA, discuss here.
  7. J

    Your World XI 09-10

    Following the conclusion of all of the major leagues around the world, I'd like to know who would make your World Team of The Year - this can include any player from any team in any league. The formation you choose is up to you, as well as a selection of seven subs if you wish. I searched the...
  8. J

    UFC Undisputed 2010

    Has anyone played the demo yet? I got it earlier today and I must say im pretty impressed. If you enjoyed the previous game then your sure to like this one. The gameplay is vastly improved and I can't wait for it's full release. Thought's on the game for anyone interested in getting it...
  9. J

    Parkour & Freerunning

    Is anyone interested in this? I used to be into this when I was at school and was wondering if any of you lot know what it is, and have ever tried it before. Here's a bit of background info on it: Parkour (sometimes also abbreviated to PK) or l'art du déplacement [1] (English: the art of...
  10. J

    UEFA Champions League Quarter & Semi Final Draw

    Match 1: Lyon v Bordeaux Match 2: Bayern v Man United Match 3: Arsenal v Barcelona Match 4: Inter v CSKA Semi Final: Winner of match 1 to play winner of match 2 Winner of match 3 to play winner of match 4 ---------------- What does everyone think? It's about time Arsenal got someone...
  11. J

    Rapper P-Diddy to save Crystal Palace . .

    Found this quite amusing and would love to see it happen XD Here's the greatly reliable source ;)
  12. J

    Aston Villa Vs Man Utd - Carling Cup Final

    Currently 1-1 Milner with the first from the penalty spot, Vidic should have been sent off but his foul went unpunished. Mistake from Dunne allowed Berbatov to go through on goal, but Dunne's last ditch tackle fell straight to Owen who finishes cooly.
  13. J

    UEFA Champions League - Last 16 Predictions

    How do you think the matches will pan out? Will the usual 'bigger clubs' go through or will we see an upset? Discuss here what you think will happen. The matches are as follows: Lyon V Real Madrid Milan V Man Utd Bayern V Fiorentina Stuttgart V Barcelona Olympiacos V Bordeaux CSKA Moskva V...
  14. J

    Arsenal v Chelsea

    Currently 2-0 to Chelsea at half time, Drogba & an own goal by Vermaelen. Teams Arsenal: Almunia Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Traore Fabregas Song Denilson Nasri Eduardo Arshavin Chelsea: Cech Ivanovic Terry Carvalho Cole Mikel Essien Lampard J.Cole Anelka Drogba
  15. J

    Modern Warfare 2

    Thought id make this thread to prevent countless threads being made when it does come out. Anything to do with MW2 here, weapons, perks, maps etc.. Anything else just name it. I heard a bunch of people's 360s have been banned as they downloaded an illegal copy? Such idiots, what difference does...
  16. J

    X Factor

    Does anyone watch it? Who's your favourite so far? Who do you hate? Anything else you'd like to add . .
  17. J

    Man Utd Vs Sunderland

    Currently 0-1 to Sunderland, Darren Bent the scorer, Sunderland are all over Utd at the moment
  18. J

    Emmanuel Adebayor fined & suspended

    Emmanuel Adebayor has been handed a 2 match ban following his goal celebration against Arsenal a few weeks ago. The striker has also been given a £25,000 fine. However, Adebayor can play in Manchester City's trip to Villa on Monday . .
  19. J

    Best Match You've Been To?

    Not sure if this is the right section but hey, Whats the best match you've been to and why? Not necessarily just based on the entertainment level but other things like atmosphere etc .. Mine was either Chelsea Vs Barcelona at the bridge when we won 4-2, went 3 up inside 20mins then Ronaldinho...
  20. J

    chelsea banned from next two transfer windows

    Just seen it on sky sports and im shocked, Chelsea apprently broke the rules when signing gael kakuta from Lens, im not sure what they actually did but i guess everyone will take there chance to have diggs at chelsea if they do anything wrong. So there banned from bringing players in untill...