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    tough decision

    in fm 2010 im in july 2012 just after the euros and ive just been offered the russia national team job but since ive started the game ive been the russian team saturn and ive been building a team to dominate russia and then europe and so far ive won a cup and finished 4th(took over mid...
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    dalglish tactics

    any have an idea how to dalglish tactics would be in fm2011
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    Dalgish tactics?

    any tips on how to emulate the kings tactics in the game?
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    does anyone know what his tactics could be emulate in fm and how he manages to stay unbeaten at home?
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    the special one

    i am wonderin if people are able to emulate mourinho in fm 2011 like the way he can have his teams unbeatable at home and how he has so much success.
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    era of domination

    can u take a team who has never won their top division and make them the most successful team in the country.Ive already won a league title with saturn in the russian league in my second season.
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    help with milan

    im playin as AC milan and ive de startin team along with javier hernandez, raul meireles and van der vaart added i play a 4-1-2-1-2 formation and im 5th in de league 12 pts of top spot. i can barely put 2 wins together and cant win away so only for a strong home form i would be well down and...