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    RIP Bob Faulkner - Solihull Moors manager, age 60 RIP, very sad to hear this. Condolances go out to his family and friends and supporters of Solihull Moors. :(
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    Major League Baseball

    Seeing a thread made about NFL, I want to know how many people follow MLB. Personally I follow Milwaukee Brewers. I always watch highlights and watch ESPN America all the time during the Baseball season. I don't like LA Angels and Dodgers, and dislike Boston Red Sox (J.W Henry) and NY...
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    Everton - ST

    I am in Summer 2012, and have £12Million to spend, my expectations are a reasonable continental finish. All i need is another striker. :P
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    Vaclav Kadlec

    Has anyone played like more than 2 saves yet? I have and this geezer has been offered by his agent in each and every one of them. I bought the guy for Everton for 1.7Million, and after 20 games is my top scorer with 10 goals! I really recommend you look at him, when offered the chance to by...
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    Can't remember the name of this song...

    It gets played at Goodison Park before kick-off, goes like: dabu-dee0dabu-dum-dabu-dee-dabu-daii. Or something like that. Can't think of the name and artist.:S Anyone know? Cheers
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    Your Skill Level

    Post your FIFA 10 skill level here, mine is a magnificant level 20!! Wooo:D:D
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    Is City game on TV?

    I've looked all over the web and TV Times and can't find it, does anyone know what channel it could be on?
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    Official Sky Sports Fantasy Football League League Pin: 10078 (H)Join, you can win up to £25K!(H)
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    Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani

    Once Diego Forlan has retired from international football for Uruguay, we expect these two, to really excell for Uruguay. I was just wondering if any has bought them for the likes of Everton, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City, and how they did. :S:S
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    South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen wins the Open.

    South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen held his nerve brilliantly to win the Open by seven shots at St Andrews. Well at least we had an Englishman finish second!
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    Back-Up Left Back

    Hi guys, I've just started a season with Everton and i need a Back-Up to Leighton Baines, I've tried Joe Mattock, but i need someone else? Anyideas?? Thanks 8-|8-|
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    Arteta for England?

    Mikel Arteta is eligible for England as he has been in the country for five years, I think. So what would you do if Arteta was in the England squad? An Example Amuari who hasn't been capped by Brazil, is now eligible to play for Italy. He probably won't, but its Evertons gain if Spain...
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    Top 8

    Do you think the current top 8 will remain the same top 8 for years to come?? IMO yes maybe Fulham, Newcastle and Birmingham will challenge them like.:S
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    Young players

    What young players would you like to see at WC for England, IMO Rodwell or Wilshere coz they play week in week out for their clubs. :)
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    Stefan Kießling

    Is he any good on FM10, and how much does he cost normally??
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    Screenshots of BSN/S and below in prem league?

    Screenshots of BSN/S and below in prem league? anyone got any?8-|