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    Help please! Unable to load saved games.

    Hi, I am unable to load any saved games due to a windows runtime error. I've tried on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 but neither works. I've also disabled my anti-virus but this doesn't help either. Can you please advise?
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    "This Game is Currently Unavailable"

    For the past two days when ive tried to run Football Manager a message saying "This Game is Currently Unavailable" comes up. Has anyone else experienced problems or know how i can fix it? Thanks. Edit: Got it working now, here's a link to fix it, just incase anyone else has the same problem...
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    Problems Installing

    Just bought the new fm, installed it and went to open steam, It comes up "steam.exe (main exception): To run Steam, you must first connect to the internet" Obviously i am connected to the internet so does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.
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    360 Hardrive Problem

    My xbox doesnt work when the hardrive is in it comes up 1red light on the bottom right but i take hardrive out and it works fine. The problem is i want to edit the chants for fifa11 but can u only rip the songs onto the hardrive because it doesnt let you click rip with just the memory unit?
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    Buy ps3 or keep xbox?

    Basically im cosidering buying a ps3 just wondering if its worth while or i should keep the xbox360?
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    Striker's not scoring

    The strikers i currently have are: Andre pierre gignac Adriano Edin dzeko Mario balotelli None of them seem to be scoring as many as i would like and just wondering which partnership and which role to get the best out of them. I also have neymar coming at the end of the season.
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    Jelavic The Latest

    He has signed! yassss Hopefully barazite and benalouane next if im being really greedy.
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    Help please

    Installed one of the custom databases on this site, extracted it to the right place yet when i go to start a new game its not there:( Any ideas how i could get it to work?
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    England Playing with fear?

    Do you think Capello's decision to drop green for a (bad) mistake has struck fear in to all the England in they are focusing so much on not making a mistake that they are restricting themselves in the game...obviously Capello's tactics dont help.
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    Help Plz Cant Extract

    i have downloaded several competition logos, kits etc however when i go to etxtract with winrar it doesnt work and comes up error messages. can any1 help me how to fix this plz?
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    HELP - wont let me save

    im trying to save the new fm patch but once i try to save it so it can be downloaded t doesnt work. i click save and the box just disappears and doesnt come back? ive also tried clickin open and it has moved to the "temporary folder" and i dont know where that is
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    Can any1 make any cuts(renders) for photoshop etc?? post all cuts(renders) here for people making sigs.
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    Downloaded photoshop cs3, any1 kno where i can get a code for it? had it on old laptop thn it broke so am nt buying it again. so any1 got a site tht can get me a crack 4 it thnx
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    im gettin fed up with managing rangers on the British superleague as a few years in and it now has become to easy so i was thinkin i will either dwnload the pacth v4 or nations league. which database shud i use? new patch or nations database and also your suggestion on who to manage. thnx...
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    Whole new team needed!! Help!!

    ive just started a game using the master league database and basically i need a whole new team. Ive got a transfer budget of 75mil (just been bought over) im managing rangers and to be honest it wouldnt bother me if i sold every player. so basically name who u think i shud sign plz and if...
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    Greatest Winger or Greatest Striker

    should i train cristiano ronaldo as a striker?? or shud both ronaldo and messi play jst behind strikers on wing but given a free role?? Also if ronaldo is trained as striker who should partner him, vagner love, eto or robinho? Its the 2nd season btw All comments appreciated Gillian
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    Major Dilemma Messi AND Ronaldo!

    ok so i signed messi in the summer due to his minimun relase clause and ive jst signed ronald for £119mil some over 24months n he will arrive jan 1st but currently i hav ribery n messi as wingers. update - i have now sold ribery for 45mil and eto for 25mil also im tryna get rid of hulk for...
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    Is any1 interested?

    Ok so i have edit a face pack 4 rangers so tht the players pics are all with the trophy cos we won the league n i was wonderin if any1 wud wnt me 2 upload it?
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    some advice needed on edtiin fm

    sorry if this is a stupid question:: i hav edited fm n i happy wit it but i was wonderin if i delete the files like all the graphics i hace dwnloaded etc wud tht thn be removed frm ma game??
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    quality background staff?

    im managin rangers in the epl and im lookin 4 new good background staff lookin for scouts etc of various nationalities so if u no any good background staff lemme no thnx, Gillian