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    Has anyone a testing league?

    Has anyone a testing league I can use for my personal use. I have tried Mr L's but it won't load.
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    Where has TheBetterHalf gone?

    Does anyone know where TheBetterHalf has gone? It has been months since we've heard anything and the tactics thread is dormant.
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    A solid 4231 deep

    Greetings! This is the first time I have posted a tactic, I'm normally a serial downloader of other peoples tactics. I set about making a tactic for Newcastle and put together this 4231 which seems to be working very well! I've been beaten by Spurs 2-1 and Stoke 4-0 (I holidayed the game). I'm...
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    Training recommendation

    Can anyone recommend training schedules?
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    Training Schedules

    Hi, i have for as long as I can remember used tugs training but I wondered if anyone can recommend another schedule? I'm not sure that tugs is bringing the best out of my players?
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    Victor Moses

    Hi, i have just started with palace and I am getting a lot on interest from big clubs in Victor Moses, does anyone know how good he turns out?
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    Newcastle board takeover

    I have a pretty good first season going on with newcastle, im 4th in the league. There is a board takeover happening but its been happeing for 3/4 months, because of the transfer embargo i have missed out on players in the january window and i am missing out on good young players my scouts have...