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    Tony McMahon goal on FM 2013 Managed to capture this exciting goal, was it lucky or skilful? Looks best on YouTube's large player or full screen of course.
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    Has the List of Player IDs been updated?

    Does anyone know if this useful text document from 2009 has been updated in the last year or so? Full List of Player IDs (9.3 update)
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    Fictitious referees

    Are there supposed to be any fictional referees in FM 2012 (or earlier versions) ? Someone named Norman Calinawagan (Philippines) took charge of a pre season friendly between Chengdu v Sheffield United. Real refs such as Howard Webb and Martin Atkinson have since been in control of normal league...
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    New photos to add to my Manager Facepack

    Here are three new manager photos to add to the Managers Facepack. Gerard Houllier (Villa), Mick Wadsworth (Hartlepool) and Ian Baraclough (Scunthorpe) I've included an updated config. These and the facepack work fine in the 2011 Demo and should be ok for the full game when it comes out...
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    unable to edit legends in club information

    I've had no problem editing new manager changes and player transfers in the data editor but can't edit club legends. It's not important of course, but I wanted to add a couple of players (Alan Woodward and Keith Edwards) to the legends at Sheffield United. This didn't work and now I've lost...
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    Fixture clash in the Championship

    Is there any way to edit the fixtures or get round this problem? Almost every time I try to start a new game in the Championship, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are both at home or both away on the same day. I did manage to start one game today where the two teams are home and away...
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    Latest scores don't appear

    Is this a known problem? When I'm watching a 3D match, clicking on latest scores doesn't give them as they all stay 0-0 and it says KO (kicked off) instead of FH (first half) Only my own match score appears in the latest scores.
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    A few questions about the 3D pitches

    Do the 3D pitches actually change dramatically throughout the course of a season? I've only reached September after starting a new game with the 9.3.0 patch so I am curious about the pitches. Would you for example depending on the weather, see a poor or very poor muddy pitch around November or...
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    Frames around the player photos

    How do you put the frames around player photos?
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    Play as real manager

    Is there a way to start a new game as a real manager in FM 2009 but have his career stats and achievements available to view? For example, play as Kevin Keegan and be able to see his stats/achievements as a player for Scunthorpe, Liverpool etc and as a manager of Newcastle, Fulham, Man City &...
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    Moved folder to incorrect location?

    I've been busy installing lots of graphics into FM 2009 and I'm not sure if I've somehow moved the folder/sub folders 'pictures/ kit_textures/default' to an incorrect location. Where should this go? I'm running Windows XP. Thanks.
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    Weird installion of the game

    I've only just got the game. I received the game on Thursday Jan 29th from a seller on Ebay for £18. I've read many stories about installation headaches but here's my take on it. My installation was very strange, I chose Steam, which turned out to be a bad move. I went through all the...