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    Man Utd- AMR

    Aiming to win the league and i'm just about tot start my second season, look for a good old fashioned right winger with high crossing, work rate, and teamwork stats
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    Miralem Pjanic

    Name: Miralem Pjanic Club: Olympique Lyonnais D.O.B: 02/04/90 Position: AMC Strengths: First touch, Creativity,Technique, Acceleration, Passing Weaknesses: Finishing, Tackling, Marking, Positioning Description: Midfielder Personality: Spirited
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    Miralem Pjanic?

    I know from previous FM games that Pjanic turns into a monster, with stats rivalling the likes of messi. I also know that on this game his PA is one of the highest in the game, so i'm wondering how does he turn out on FM2011? Any Screenshots of him to show his stats in the future would also...