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    How to make that step up in quality...

    I've been battling in the Blue Square Premier for what will be my 4th season at the end of this season. Improving each year in position but I always miss out on the play-off's by a point or two. My side don't seem to see games out sometimes which loses my points but I never seem to make the full...
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    Non-League Player Statistics

    I have England loaded up down to the Blue Square North & South which is my lowest level. Managing in the Blue Square Premier, with my own eye I want to start finding a couple of lower-league talent. I have the database (UK & Ireland) loaded in terms of players so if I search for example...
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    How tough really is the Blue Square Premier?

    I took the Stockport County job in December of 2011. They were 21st, they finished 21st and I took them to the Blue Square North. I won the Blue Square North. First season back in the Blue Square Premier I finished 12th. Second season I finished 7th. 2 points off the play-off's despite going...
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    In debt and querying..

    I'm in debt of £-728k (now entering season 4 with Stockport, in the Blue Square Premier). We went down in the first season. Came back up and were making a profit. I then sell some players and I have to pay the loyalty bonus for players who I sell :'(. I sold players so we're down to the minimum...
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    In debt and querying..

    I'm in debt of £-728k (now entering season 4 with Stockport, in the Blue Square Premier). We went down in the first season. Came back up and were making a profit. I then sell some players and I have to pay the loyalty bonus for players who I sell :'(. I sold players so we're down to the minimum...
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    Stockport County - Issue: Gelling?

    I have started a new game with Stockport County, and after a few games of practising with them I am now looking to take it on to further seasons. I have one problem though. The Stockport team got dismantled when they got relegated to the BSP and re-built in real life (with effect on the game)...
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    FM11 Editor - How To Edit Chairman

    Hi, does anyone know how to edit the chairmans status of the club. One of my local clubs have got a new chairman but when I replace him and put his loyalty 19 it still says "enjoying life at club" but then days later looks for a takeover yet in real life he took over it. Any chance to make the...
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    Chairman Accepting Bids On My Behalf

    Is there a way to stop my stupid chairwomen accepting bids on my behalf? The clubs finance is secure, although it did make a loss for the first time this season (its only made profits because I buy freebies and sell them on). Two seasons ago I signed a 16-year-old striker who scored 28 goals...
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    Quick Goalkeeper Poor Rushing Out?

    I do not get this at all. He is a rapidly quick Goalkeeper with sensible handling, so how can his rushing out be poor? Positioning is quite average but good for League 2 also. If your rapidly quick shouldn't that be an advantage? Your views please.
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    The Tallest Youth Player Ever On FM11

    Okay, he might be, he might not, but check this out. Phenomenal? And as a wonder, won't he grow even more because of his age? He is a generated player, and I'm currently in January 2011 (I started on that date using the Irish Jan 2011 upload Patch 1.1.3) Your views please. Cheers
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    Player/Coaches For N-Power League 2

    I am currently in January 2011, bottom of League Two with Stockport County (according to the Jan 2011 Ireland when I started the season). Following Lehmann's move to Arsenal I am inspired of player/coaches. Because of this, does anyone know any player coaches that I could get for Stockport...
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    Stockport County FM11 Financial Trouble

    Please read all of this to understand my problem, it has a lot of detail in it. I'm £-300k with Stockport County in League 1, Season 5. I considered many things to keep them out of the red, we only get out of it at the end of the season from the profits but then we go straight back into it the...
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    FM11 - The Patches

    I understand that 11.2 or something like that is the latest patch on the game. When was this patch given to us? I see loads of people on about it. When did it come out? Thanks
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    Take It Like A Fan

    Does anyone watch this show? Do you like it? I love the show, and especially Charlotte Jackson - FITTT!!! (6) She looks so good on that show. The quiz's are fun to join in too. Any thoughts? Do you watch it? etc.
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    The Profitable Manchester City

    Hi, I have just started Season Two and I am Manchester City. My aim is to make them into a profitable football club as I support them and say the owners left the club on FM11, we would be in some bad finance and I would hate to watch the team I support fall like a rocket to the concrete floor...
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    Help Needed At The Reebok Stadium

    Hi, I am playing a 4-3-2-1 formation with Bolton Wanderers, and we are dominating top teams such as Chelsea and Liverpool when we played them, but we can't seem to put the ball in the net even though we get plenty of chances. Do I need to set the striker on a different setting than Advanced...
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    Bolton Wanderers - Customer Service Please

    Ok, so you've seen these type of posts before and are proberbly bored. I seriously need your help. I have became the new gaffer of Bolton Wanderers, however I have a Starting Transfer Budget of £500k. After selling a couple of players, I now have a Transfer Budget of £2.62m. The players I...
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    Just Can't Play FM Anymore

    I am fed up of FM11. The scripts, the transfers. I quit my game with Fulham after 7 games because although I won my first 3, I then lost 4 in a row. My loss to Man City was scripted, a goal where it the pitch loads up and they shoot about 2 secs later and score. I then lost 3-0 because of it...
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    Contract Negotiations

    Does anyone find it hard to get there head around how to use it? I can't seem to understand it very well, and the contracts offered are too big for the club's budget, meaning I can't take the club forward. When I need more players, I take £1k or £2k off the players original demands, but they...
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    Do the Man City owners leave on FM11?

    I am wondering. I am a Man City fan but I don't want to be fed all this money on FM11 because then I will spend £200k a player on wages etc. It's not that I'm a stupid or rubbish manager, it's just no challenge, no loyalty. Reply please.