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    Newgen Scouting Tip

    So loads of us love trying to find the great newgens as soon as they are generated into the game, then trying to steal them away, usually just signing them to a contract and paying compensation. However, a change to FM18 means that they generally won't sign a contract right at that point - its...
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    A World Cup Call Up Rant/Story

    Not at all worth its own thread but the rant thread is still locked, and I feel like sharing. Before FM17, I had never tried a save in South America. I've toyed with the idea of managing in Brazil or Argentina but just never have. Reading some manager stories, I decided to give it a try and...
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    The Save Update Thread

    So hoping this is okay, and don't see an official one. Maybe there was one that never got pinned so it just got buried....? But if not, was thinking it would be cool if we had a place where we could just talk about our current save, without having to start a stand alone thread. So post away!
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    Transfer Window Repercussions

    So with the winter window almost closed and plenty of deals done, the official SI data update shouldn't be too far off. There are plenty of good unofficial ones. Always keep an eye on deals that affect clubs I like to run of FM and/or players who I've come to like or sign regularly. So far...
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    Attack Minded CM

    I'm a lower level Prem club at the start and I'm looking to add a some depth to my squad. I plan to use the Beautiful Football tactic and have several MCs but all are more balanced or defensive-minded. I need someone who can do well as an Advanced Playmaker. Preferrably young and with some...
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    Suggestions for Swansea

    Okay, so after toying around with Vitesse and Southampton, I’m starting a game with Swansea that I’m hoping will last a while. I tend to plan and over-think things but it helps from regretting what was done at the start of a game. You get about €6m to start with if you take the second level...