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    Paul Pogba

    So I just started my first save in FM with Chelsea and I want a new midfielder. In the demo I bought Pogba but he really underperformed and after half a season had 6.6 average rating. So I wanted to ask you guys if you had had any experiences with him and if so, how did you play him?
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    Swindon- Second season - Championship

    So I'm playing with Swindon Town and just got promotion in the first season from League one. I used two tactics in that first season. I greatly doubt these tactics are good enough so I want to make a change but just have no idea where to start. I used this tactic before Christmas. And this...
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    Big problem - Stuck

    Never mind, problem solved.
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    Tactic with Arsenal

    I just started a save with Arsenal and in one of my previous saves I bought Cavani and played a 4-51 with wingers and him as a TM, it worked really well with Cavani bagging about 50 goals a season every season, I really want to use it again as Arsenal have great wingers. My questions regard...
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    The UFC/MMA Thread

    Just wanted to see if anyone watches UFC and if you do who is your favourite fighter? And also checking if anyonetrain MMA or any martial art at all. I myself have been doing MMA for 6 months now and it´s really fun, gives you loads of confidence plus it´s great for you body, your posture and...
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    From Tragedy to Glory

    Entry 1 Dear diary, today was excellent, me and the missus took the kids to the park and we had a great time, little Erik really seems to have football talent from his dad. As for our younger daughter, Andrea, she just keeps growing and growing and I am ofcourse extremely proud of her. Let me...
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    Lorenzo Crisetig

    Lorenzo Crisetig Inter Milan 20/1/1993 Italy DM / MC Strengths: Passing Tackling First Touch All mental attributes. All physical Weaknesses: Set Pieces Agility Balance Long Shots Dribbling Description: Defensive Midfielder Personality: Professional Suggested Roles: Deep Lying PM...
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    New laptop

    So I have Packard Bell TJ65, its almost two years old so not that much but it only has 512 mb graphics card so both FM12 is really laggy and I cant play Skyrim, a game I had really been looking forward to. So my question. What is the cheapest computer I can get that can play Skyrim at a...
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    Slow response time

    This is crazy annoying, every action I do, even making players change position then the game pauses for maybe one second and then does the action. I have a Packard Bell TJ65 that is maybe 1 and half year old. Technical information: Intel Pentium Processor T4300 320 GB HDD 4 GB Memory Nvidia...
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    2011 Summer Update

    Has anyone made a 2011 summer update for Football Manager 2010?
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    Mumford And Sons

    Recently downloaded "Sigh no more" and I love it, my favorite song is probably "Dust bowl dance" I just think their lyrics are amazing, so better than the **** songs today.
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    Midfielding options.

    I am currently Barcelona in second season and in the first season used: Villa Pedro/Iniesta - Xavi/Iniesta - Messi Mascherano - Busquets Abidal - Puyol - Pique - Alves Valdes However now I have signed Jon Obi Mikel , Toni Kroos and David Silva. How should I use these three new players?
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    Adigun Salami - Midtjylland

    D.O.B: 6/5/1988 Nationality: Nigeria Position: DM/MC Strengths: Dribbling Marking Passing Tackling Aggression (18) Bravery (17) Teamwork Work Rate (17) All physical besides Jumping Weaknesses: Long Shots Set Pieces Finishing Description: Defensive Midfielder Personality: Ambitious...
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    Cant see regen faces.

    For some reason I cant see any regen faces in the game anymore. When I got to display and sound the lowest option is greyed out. Can anyone help?
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    Josh Law

    The most versatile player in the game?
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    Name : Guido D.O.B : 18/2/1994 Club : Santos Nationality : Brazil Position : GK Strengths : Aerial Ability Handling Kicking One on Ones Reflexes Throwing Bravery Agility Balance Weaknesses : First Touch Pen Taking Tendency To Punch Teamwork Work Rate Strength Stamina Description : Promising...
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    Víctor Cáceres

    Name:Víctor Cácares Club: Libertad D.O.B: 25/3/1985 Nationality: Paraguay Position: DMC Strengths: Marking Tackling Positioning Anticipation Bravery Composure Positioning Work Rate Teamwork, Balance Stamina Strength All above 16. Weaknesses: Passing Creativity Flair Set Pieces...
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    I am Shaktar and I have Benzema on loan and I recently noticed that his contrach ends in 30/6/2011 and I am in 15/2/2011 so I should be able to get him on pre contract in June but it is not an option. Do you think I should terminate his loan to get him on free and take a chance or be safe and...
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    Barca - MC (Box To Box/CM-Support)

    Team : Barca Patch : 10.1 Budget : 18 million I need someone to rotate with Busquets or even replace him, he has to have decent defensive attributes and be able to take part in attack, Vidal and Moussa Sissoko are not available. Not older than 27.
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    Teko Modise

    Name: Teko Modise Club: Orlando Pirates D.O.B: 22.12.82 Nationality: South African Position: Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder (Centre) Strengths: Passing, Dribbling, Creativity and everything really that a good playmaker needs. Weaknesses: Influence, decisions and flair. Description...