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    Do you ever buy players for sentimental reasons?

    Just wondering if any of you guys bring players into your teams for pure sentimental reasons? Just asking because I started a new save with Manchester United (first one in years. I only ever start saves in low divisions) and brought in Jonathan Walters to see how He would do at United. I...
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    The Rooney Rule (Yay or Nay)

    The English FA announced today that they are discussing with clubs the idea of making it a requirement to have ethnic minority candidates on managerial shortlists. Due to the fact that there have been growing calls for the implementation of the 'Rooney Rule', which has worked effectively in...
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    Row Over Claim Pakistanis Groom White Girls

    If ever a story had all the ingredients to turn into a huge and nasty row, this is the one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Former home secretary Jack Straw has sparked a row after claiming there...
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    Film Scores

    I couldnt find a similar thread with the search, so here goes (search was acting up, so delete if necessary). Post all your Favourite Film scores here!! What's your favourite? My top 3 are .. Deer Hunter - Cavatina YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Platoon - Adagio for strings YouTube...
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    Mods or Admin editing Sigs.

    I added a sig to my profile today and a mod/admin has edited it to their own smart assed advantage. In what way is this deemed acceptable on a public forum?
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    The RANT Thread.

    This is where you rant and rave (no drugs though) about whatever has F***ed with your day or mind. We all know that certain things in life can really **** you off and you want to get it off your chest. Do it. Vent your anger in this thread. I am ****** off because I was buying the paper...
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    How calm/cool are you? In General.

    After reading through many threads on internet forums over the years and meeting lots of annoying people in both real and digital life, I have become very apathetic towards idiots (of varying degrees). I choose to ignore the aforementioned idiots without a second heartbeat and I just show my...
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    Overated Actors/Actresses

    Are there any Actors/Actresses out there that irritate you with the amount of critical acclaim they have lavished on them in Web/Magazine/TV polls etc.. For me it would be both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Pacino shouts his way through every single role and DeNiro is just a parody of...
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    Weird Celebrity Crushes

    Just a thread for us all to come clean and reveal the celeb/celebs that we have always wanted to **** but don't know why. A mate of mine just admitted that he wanted to give Patsy Palmer one :O, which I think borders on ***********. What about you lot? Who is your secret Celeb crush? These...
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    Your personal Beer/Lager review?

    Cant find a similar thread. I have just horsed my way through 12 large bottles of 'Perlenbacher' Premium Pils from Lidl and would like to give it a quick review. It has a strong Pilsner kick in the ***, with a tangy taste and a good refreshing cut to it. I thought it was going to be rubbish...
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    Top three favourite songs (at the moment).

    I know it's a hard choice but lay them out. If anything, it will become a good reference for decent tunes when we are bored. We can always change our minds along the way. 1: The Coronas - Grace dont wait (went on the **** with these boys a few years ago, top blokes and I'm in this video ;-))...
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    Name your Band

    You have probably done this before but it is just for the craic. Name your fake band and show us your debut album. Go to Wikipedia and hit Random. The first article you get is the name of your band. Wiki Go toThe Quotations Page and hit 'Random quotations'. The last four or five words of...
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    Sexiest Accent?

    Which Accent do you guys think is the sexiest. The one that just makes your knees wobble?? For Me, it's the Eastern European type, russian, lituanian etc.. Can't resist them.
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    Your Dream Garage.

    What would be your dream three car garage?? Money is no option here. I would keep my current car (Celica GTS) and add the other two. 1969 Chevelle Lamborghini Gallardo
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    Computer Help Thread

    Computer need fixing? Can't access certain files? Keep getting errors on start-up? Then post your computer problem in here and we will try to sort your problem out. Don't know what to buy for upgrading your pc? We can also help you with hardware and general technology advice. Just before...
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    Regrets, I've had a few...

    This is for stuff you regret Not doing, rather than things you have done. I have two major regrets in my life. I never learned how to play an instrument and I am really envious of people who can. I would love to be able to whip out an acoustic guitar at a party and throw out a few songs. I...
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    Afghanistan War... Britains Vietnam??

    Firstly, it's quite a serious thread here guys but I would really appreciate your opinions on this subject. Secondly, if anybody here has lost anybody in the war, I apologise if this thread is upsetting for you...
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    Replaying Old Games.

    Are any of you guys digging out old games and forcing them to run on new hardware? I went through an old box of software and dug out Homeworld 2 for the pc. I remember it was quite demanding on my pc at the time but playing these old games again with hardcore pc tech is great fun. I guess we...
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    Hi, I'm Superfour.

    How are you guys? I used to be a member of the original FMforums back in the day (I was IrishTony for a long time and then changed it to Superfour). I'm a Man Utd fan from Dublin and have been playing management games since the days of the Spectrum +2 and the Amiga. I always start off my games...