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    433Tikitaka v1 Bortmounth 100P 131-45 v1 - Tweak

    I used it away against big teams and it is very solid. I win CL second year with Napoli. And with BETA.
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    Reaving! 442 by TFF tweaked by RDF

    Still perform for me with the beta, I used it af home or away against poor teams and I used this tactic away against big teams and I am unbeaten with Napoli Season 2, in January.
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    4-2-3-1 - Justinian - Lots of Chances and Solid Defence This tweak is very good on the beta, I used it away against big teams, and I dominated all games with
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    Tactic Testing Update: Match Engine v2026

    Can I have the translation in French please ? And what is the new public beta ? Thanks
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    Reaving! 442 by TFF tweaked by RDF

    And few test in Fm touch in holidays Great tactic
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    FM20.2 Sicilian 442

    With Sicilian 442, I won easily the liga with Atletico Madrid and the Serie with Napoli first season, and we went too in Champions league final first year. So many CCC created with this and dominated pratically all my games also away against big teams.
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    Knap's FM20 Tactics vol 3

    First season and no transfer, with Sicilian 442
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    Mass Attack Imperator by AD1990

    First game, first season with Napoli, I won 4-0 against Milan AC and away.. They had just 2 shots, me 25. I can't do SS on FM20, I need help please !