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    Low Ratings

    Since latest patch my players most of time have low rating, even if i win games, only those who score have above 7.10 rating, rest of my squad have much lower rating than that. Its anoying to win game 3:0 and all of my players have 6.5-7 ratings. Anyone else have that problems???
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    223M for regen MC

    I have world class MC regen in my squad, bought him for 10.5M when he was 17. Now hes 21 and hes the best MC in game and i just received offer from PSG for him, 153M in front and 65M on 3 installments over year. What to do??? Hes beast with great mental stats, excellent passing stats and...
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    Wrong Player Name Bug

    First game after i updated game to 19.3 i noticed there is bug with one of my defenders name ( he made mistake lead to goal so i checked which one of my defender is it and then i noticed it ). Playing with Lazio in 3rd season and have almost same starting squad from 1st season. My defenders...
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    DMC position

    Need my DMC to act like BBM, so which role to use??? Or what DMC role gives best balance between attack and defense?
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    Long Shoots Overpovered

    Has anyone noticed that long shoots in 19.2 are way more overpowered? Before all shoots go near or wide from goal but now in worst case in go to woodwork, usually corner but i get goal per game, sometime evet more
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    Striker finishing IR

    Having problem with striker finishing while PLAYING game, usually my strikers end up with ratings below 6.5 but when i use Instant Result they score for fun...Tested it for 20 game on each save using top teams with few tactics ( 20 games on IR, then reload and play same 20 games normally ) and...
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    Set Pieces and penalties

    In every save i have high amount penalties from defensive set pieces ( not corners ) against me. Any solution? Tried deff set pieces as match training but that didnt help
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    Alvaro Morata

    Played him on many tactics and he dont score at all, often he have 10+ games in row without scoring. Anyone have sucess with him?
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    Long Shoots in 17.3.1

    After last update number of long shoots is sky high :O In 17.2 it was high but not every game, every 4-5 games almost 50% shoots are long. But now from 5 games i have in 4 about 40-50% long shoots. Also strikers finishing goes down. Its harder to maintain winning strikes in 17.3.1 then it was...
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    GUARDIAN - Conte Chelsea ( 3 at back )

    I am part of this forum since 2010 but this is first time i'm posting tactic. So if I do something wrong dont kill me XD Tactic This year Chelsea ( my favorite team ) is demolishing opponent with tactic like this one. Tried to emulate it with some decent result and i think i did...
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    FM15 New Style 3-2-3-2

    This is my first posted tactic on FM 15. I got bored if standard 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 tactics so i decided to try something new. Winning wasn't my first priority, instead i was focused on implementing my own ideas: * To involve FB/WB a lot more in game in both stances. My 2 WB's have 20 goals and...
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    Does Fm 15 favor Messi???

    I noticed that in 1st season is hard to get World Best Player for one of player we manage. Lukaku played 15 games more then Messi, but have 26 goals and 21 assists more then him, also in key passes Lukaku have almost double more then Messi. So i don't understand how...
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    Official game with latest patch

    I'm playing FM since 2008 and games changed a lot from than. For me FM 12 was best one. But now i have some doubts about game. In last 3 years ST become useless position since he struggle with finishing and a lot more. I played pirate version in last 10 game, just to try game before i buy it...