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    Game starting tonight 7pm

    Hi guys I will be starting a FM game with my friend and was wondering if anyone was wanting to join us. The game will be based in the English Premier teams and the 2 teams already taken are Man Utd and Man City. Reply back with your team and your steam name and if we can get maybe another few...
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    No Play Button!!!

    Hi all I have just ran into a major problem just now in my current season I have just started the second half of extra time and their is not a play button therefore I am unable to start the match. I made a substitution and clicked confirm and little behold their was not a play button to be seen...
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    Can only offer 18k a week despite having remaining wage budget of 249k

    Hi all I have some problems as I have created a custom database with both Rangers and Celtic in the Prem and edited finances and things including giving myself (rangers 50mil), Celtic (who got 30mil) and both have wage budgets of 350k wage budget. When it comes to offering player wages I can...
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    Online game 20 manager game for all premieship teams

    Hi guys Want to host a online game in the premiership and get the full league taken with managers. The 2 teams already taken are Newcastle and Spurs. Leave your steam id and the team you would like and then the next step is to pick times in which to play for the majority. Note: All games...
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    Winning with just shouts.

    Hi guys I have always wondered something do you think you would be able to win games in football manager with everything left as default with the exception of player roles/duties etc and start shouting pre match and changing it around. Let me know what you think. Cheers
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    Hello Football managers will be starting a game on 12.04 in the premiership. Anybody can join, also we will discuss how often we can play the game and arrange days to play. Please reply back as it will be a first come first serve as our hamachi network can only take 5 people. There is only one...
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    12.04 LFC Marshall January Update

    Hi Football managers, will be creating a network game and will be playing in the premier league.The teams so far taken are Tottenham and Arsenal. If some players are commiitted then that would be great. Network Details: Hamachi Network Username- FM base Password- football The game will...
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    Rangers Winning Tactic

    More info soon Rangers at their best (Rangers, Aug 2011).tac