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    Bugged Libero role for testing/having fun

    I do not think it will make a much of a difference with the current ME. Si forums tagged "ball over the top" as in overhead passes behind the defence where defenders almost always in bad positioning and are not able to catch their man with 16-17 speed stats. It will happen with or without...
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    Board Interfering With Transfers

    All good mate. I do not follow Spanish league or any other league closely for that matter. Being on down under makes them game mostly on awkward times for me.
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    Board Interfering With Transfers

    No, I was not aware of that :) thanks for condescending but informative reply (y)
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    Board Interfering With Transfers

    Did you check Loan Manager thing like someone did above? I have not seen it happen again although I have come across something similar with Atletico Bilbao where the board was allowing transfers of players with Basque background only
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    Board Interfering With Transfers

    I did have that with Juventus. The board stopped a only 20M deal for a wonder kid saying the player doesnt justify the cost. Even though, I was in charge of all transfer
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    The 4123 DM Asymmetric: 115points in the Championship, the right way

    Do you reckon the tactic would work if I mirror it? As in, IF on the right? ML on the left?
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    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Great idea. most new managers struggle finding a tactic that works as we all know most will download the tactic but wont leave a comment on how it performs, in what league, etc...