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    Answered FM2020 Steam Updates

    Hey, Im just wondering why when I go to start a new career it says my database is 20.1 but my steam is set to auto update and its most recent version is 20.2.3? How do I get 20.2.3 running? Thanks
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    Where to buy fm20?

    Where is best place to buy fm20?
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    Hey, how do i play football manager without steam? im going away for a few days and wont have internet connection. When i go into steam and click go ofline and click the restart steam ofline button, nothing happens? Any help would be great. Thanks
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    downloading anything above 3gb?

    Hey, wonder if someone could help. When i try to download anything like pics, kits, logos, backgrounds etc that in size is over 3gb or 4gb it gets like half way through then says "chrome has stopped working" or "internet explorer has stopped responding" then it restarts the download. Anything...