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    My Manager Story (Basically a Man Utd Career - Continued)

    Hey guys, so.. I've had to make a new thread for this story as for some reason whenever I try to go onto my old thread instead of going to that thread, for some reason it takes me to a completely different thread on the forum. Luckily I had just about finished the first season, so I'm going to...
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    Matt419 - Manager Story (Basically a Man Utd Career)

    Hey guys! Some of you may no me, some of you may not Anyway, this is gonna be my first real foray into a manager story. I'm ot going to be some famous ex-player going into management, and it's not going to be a sole Manchester United career. This is just going to be me playing as I would. I aim...
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    Matthew Harrison - A BAP Story

    Okay, so this is very close to the release of FM16, but I really fancied doing one of these and I wanted to share it with all you guys. I did attempt a BAP earlier in the year, but didn't have the time. But I have loads of time this week, so I am going to get as much of this done as possible...
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    A Tale of Two Brothers - A Player Story

    So, I am following the craze now! There are a lot of these already that have sprung up, so I wanted to do something a tad different. Still the same concept, but a tiny bit different. As as you can probably guess, I'm going to do two players in this. I'll have one start at 15, and one start a...
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    Atlético- Can they make it to the top?

    UPDATE: If you're put off by the lack of images on this front page, please skip to the second page. I have an update up until November, and all updates from then will include screenshots and should be easier to look at and better laid out. So, I've been reading quite a few of the stories on...