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    Which version between FM 2013, 2014 and 2015 do you think was the best ?

    I'm asking this because I think I will just go back to one of those versions, because this version is broken and boring. Don't remember exactly which one had the most variation of type of goals you can score (I don't like to use set pieces exploits) , and which of them hadn't so many bugs like...
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    FM 2014 next oficial update

    Hello guys, Does any of you know the release date of the next update from SI ? thanks.
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    Agression, bravery, teamwork, work rate and weaker foor training ?

    Hello guys, Can you help to find solutions to train the categories from the title. I know teamwork and work rate cand develop naturally but how can I train them faster ? And what about the other 3 categories: agression, bravery and weaker foot ( I don't like left only and right only foot...
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    Draxler's determination ?

    He has just 10 determination even he proove a lot of determination developing so fast. How can I train this category ? I think it is hard to have someone to tutor him because he is already very good so what can I do ?
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    Players salaries are not realistic

    For example Cristano's Ronaldo salary 35 mil EUR/year and Gareth's Bale is 18 mil EUR/ year, Messi's 22 mil / year and many more. They have huge salaries but not so much, i mean nobody earns more than 20 mil EUR / year; they should adjust them to the real life situation.