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    Help! Best Central Midfield Roles?

    I have these players for Man Utd, my whole team are doing quality, but the 2 central midfielders are barely scraping 7's... These are my central mids; Andrea Poli - Very high stats Micheal Carrick - Very high stats Darren Fletcher - My top performer, still only averages 7.1 David Beckham -...
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    Facepacks Not Showing

    Moved them to the same folder as fm10 (albeit in the fm11 folder obviously) and nothing, have checked the right box in preferances, still nothing... Any suggestions?
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    Footballs Next Star (add players?)

    Just a thought, would be cool if someone could take the 10 finalists and add them into the game, adding Ben to Inter's youth and maybe making it so the following; Top three have -10 or just Ben and then -9 for the two runners up Rest of the lads are -9 or -8 I'm sure it would be possible to...