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    Training Schedules from FM20, remade in FM21 Beta

    bsup68 uploaded Training Schedules from FM20, remade in FM21 Beta Leave feedback below. Here is the schedules to have at least something to work from since the Beta won't let us load training schedules
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    KL 4-3-2-1 3MC v2 - my take on a 4-3-2-1

    So I finally had a go on making a tactic for FM 16.3. It's a 4-3-2-1 but with a small twist, as I line up with 3 MCs and no DM or AM - there is already good tactics with DM or AM on this forum, besides I wanted something for clubs with good CMs. Tested the tactic first in a pure Instant Result...
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    Role and duty suitability missing

    Hi all Lately when i've started a new save, or loading an older save in FM16, i've stubbled upon a strange thing; No Role and duty on some of the players in the squad, as my screen shots shows - anybody else encountered the same thing and found a fix, besides reinstalling the game?
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    bsup68 4-4-2 Diamond Press/Drop

    So i've played a bit around with a 2 striker diamond tactic, as i like playing with 2 strikers and some clubs have more than a few good strikers and had some fun in older FM games wich such tactics, so after having fun with ChristianEriksens 4-4-2 press/drop in LLM, i've modified a few things...
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    kl_bsup 4-1-3-2

    Formation and Mentality: Team Instructions: Download Link: Download Link 2: Club Progress/Results: not much so far, but I will update with screenshots My idea with with this tactic was to create a tactic with 2 strikers, and as the pictures show, I started in Man Utd, and with...