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    Just had to post this as i still cant believe what just happened. I started a new game with Celtic and i managed to Sign Eto'o on a free (using an update) and just look at the season he had! Anyone else had a player do this well?
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    Friendlies Question

    This may sound really stupid of me but i really would like to get it cleared up. When playing a friendly at home and it says for example "The board estimate you will receive £275k in revenue for this fixture" and then it says "£250k will be paid to the participating team" This does mean ill...
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    Disallowed Goals

    Is anyone else having way to many disallowed goals in their matches? In my past 5 games ive had a goal disallowed. Ive hit a bit of bad form too and if these goals stood ide of got a different result. Is there a known glitch in this patch or do you get a lot of them while playing a certain...
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    Driving me mad!

    So i decided to start a brand new game after a while away (blame the mrs) and since coming back i just cant seem to do well at all. My usual tactics dont work, other peoples tactics dont work. Ive been sacked from Watford and Chesterfield and now am not doing much with Grimsby!! Ive tried...
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    Well ive been on here for a while now but havent introduced myself yet so here i am. Im Popey, 24, From Stoke as you can probs tell from my Avatar. Been playing on FM for years and im loving all the tactics and downloads on this site
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    Funny Management Appointments...

    So as the title says, in your game what weird and funny management appointments have happened? Here are a few of mine.. Phil Nevile is Bury manager Just check out the list of the Premiership Managers that have been appointed, some of them are hillarious!
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    Should i stay or should i go?

    Ive been manager of AFC Wimbledon now for 4 years now and im doing pretty well. Below are some screen shots of my current situation and im in 2 minds on what to do. Im currently £8k over my wage budget and i have no transfer fee's. Ive had no fee's since joining and have had to sign free...
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    FM Base Sig Maker

    Who is it who has made this? Think the leagues need updating as they still say coca cola league 2 etc. Top stuff though.